20 years of Empire Snow Team

20 years of Empire Snow Team

You have no idea how stoked and blessed we feel that after 20 years in the biz, our snowboard team is still one of the best out there. We talked to our riders to hear what they think about Empire's 20th anniversary. While we did our research, we realized one thing: Snowboard History is DEEP at Empire.

It all pretty much started with snowboarding. Of course, skateboarding has always been a big part of our thing, but think about the Shakedown… Think about the City Troopers, think about the Empire Games… Think about our snowboard team! We got International level pros still supporting the shop from the other side of the country AND we got today's and tomorrow’s biggest snowboarding stars. There’s street legends on the team, powder veterans, back country assassins… Hell, there’s even an Olympic Gold medalist on our roster!



"I will always remember the Shakedown that Guillaume Brochu won. We were both in the final, but we were all wet so we drove to the hotel to dry up a bit. Only thing is we missed the exit. We ended doing a U turn at La Porte du Nord, took a small puff and got back just in time for our final run. Brochu landed cab 9 and Fs board and won. He had no money, just a big cardboard check, so I had to lend him the 10% for the bar and it got wild!! Grisé, Odowd, Beauch, Tremblay, Bernier, Pagé... The good soldiers!!"

Phil Jacques

"Empire has been at the forefront of the Canadian snowboard and skateboard industry for already 20 years! I consider myself privileged of having been a part of the team for almost half that time now. Cheers to the 20 years to come!"

Mikey Rencz

"Empire has always done awesome things for the culture. The Empire Shakedown was legendary! Happy B-Day Empire."

Seb Toots

"Already 20 years!! You guys are killin’ it! I’m sure it’s only the beginning of something even bigger. Thanks for everything and stoked to be part of the family."

Gab Jacques

"Happy 20th anniversary Empire. Proud to be part of this team. Thank you very much for the huge support. Cheers!"

Jacob Legault

"One of my best snowboarding memories is definitely having done all the night Empire Games at Mount St. Bruno. I remember being sooo happy to win hoodies and sweaters that were far too big for me. It's one of my best memories because everyone was getting together to have a good time. Stoked that one of my sponsors is responsible for organizing these events!"


Tim Bouvette

"Stoked to be a part of such a sick team, happy 20 years Empire!"

Russel Beardsley

"I was super stoked to get on Empire when I moved from Ottawa to Montreal. They had all the sickest pros and hooked up a lot of us (Nowamean/Bruners). They have always supported our movies and helped a lot of boarders. They also know how to party, one year we had our video premiere during the annual party, Zoo Night. They even brought M.O.P in for that. I can hardly remember the details but that night was crazy fun haha! Grateful for all the support over the years, Cheers Empire!"

Frank Jobin

"I was at Empire for the first time in 2010 during the SMF. It was amazing to set foot in such a huge boardshop. Big thanks Empire for bringing a lot to the snowboard industry. Happy 20th anniversary!"

Frank April

"20 years old and still on top! 20 years of great support and dedication for the industry and community. The Empire Backyard Parties (skateboarding or snowboarding) always felt so spectacular and memorable to me. I can only imagine how great the next 20 years will be!! Thank you!"

Dave Jacques

"A big thank you to Empire for all these years of support and a happy 20th anniversary."

Phil Fournier

"I am lucky to be part of the Empire family, proudly been on for the last 7/8 years! Empire helped me on a lot of aspects in my life, professional and personal! The Empire family, the crew, employees, team riders, snowboard events, the SMF, The Backyard Party, The Shakedown, the 300 employees deep staff parties!! I want to say a big congratulations to Empire for 20 YEARS of success in transmitting the Snowboard passion in Quebec and Canada!! And thanks for the continued support."

Jason Dubois

"The Empire gang has always been there for me. I was 13-14 years old when Grisé phoned my parents to offer his support, and I couldn't believe it! It was my first sponsor and I was so proud to represent the shop. So many memories... The Empire Shakedown, the Backyard parties, the City Troopers, the Empire Games... They always supported me as the little bum I was hahahaha! I will always remember the City Troopers in 2014. I got there and everyone told me they were stoked to see that I came to watch the contest, like if I was too old to have my place in there. I was like, well no, I'm here to do the contest! I ended up winning and having the most fun! Thank you Empire for bringing the snowboard scene to life in Quebec! Think Empire, think big!! "

Vincent Grandmaison

The team's new recruit is coming strong this year with a unique bag of tricks and an all around great attitude and vibe. Be on the lookout for him this Winter, kid's about to go ham! Fun fact: Vince is also extremely talented on a skateboard. Happy to count you on our official snow team! Welcome to the family!

Other than being great snowboarders, all these guys are great human beings. Thanks for riding for us and cheers to 20 more years of snowboarding and partying!