Even though it may seem obvious for some, choosing the perfect skateboard can sometimes be a complex task. There are actually several details to consider and, when you don’t know them details, you might end up with a set up that does not exactly fit your body type or skate style.

To avoid this problem, here is a small guide that will help you select your perfect board.

1-Check the width of the board :

 The first thing to look at when buying a board is its width. If you prefer to skate transitions, we recommend you go for a wider board. If you like technical skateboarding, a skinnier board will allow you to manipulate it more easily. Other than transition or tech skating, your own size will tell a lot concerning the board you need.

 Testing the width of a board based on the length of your feet is a great way to estimate the format that will be most suitable for you. If you’re tall and wear a size 13 shoe, a wider board will allow you more stability while if you’re small and wear a size 7, it may affect your capacity of movements. The best way to do it is to go to the skateshop and just step on a couple boards. If your feet are hanging out too much, your board is too skinny. If your feet are lost in the middle of the board, it might be too wide.

IMPORTANT ! The width of the board must always be in harmony with the width of your trucks. Usually, the majority of skaters choose between two truck formats : 139mm and 149mm. For wider boards (8 3/8 and more) we advise you to go for the 149. For a narrower board, the 139 will fit perfectly.

2-Study the Shape of the board :

 Then, it is very important to check if you like the shape of the board you’re holding in your hands, especially the concave, which is the elevation of the sides of your board compared to its center. Board shapes are mostly a question of personnal taste. Some prefer flat shapes and others, more aggressive ones. Take some time to put your feet on the board you’re interested in. If you feel confortable as soon as you step on it for the first time, it’s a very good sign.

3- Take a look at the nose and tail.

 The front and back end of a skateboard can change a lot from one board to another. Depending on the posture you adopt when you ride or the way you place your feet on the board when you’re about to pop, a good nose and tail will help you get your tricks more naturally. Sharp or round, slender or shorter, with an aggressive or relaxed kick ? Our advice : take the time to check if the nose and tail of your board is molded comfortably under your feet by stepping on it, you will automatically see if you feel good on it or not.