3 Rome boards to keep you shredding hard this Winter

3 Rome boards to keep you shredding hard this Winter

If you’re a snowboarder and still don’t know about Rome Snowboards, you must be living under a rock. The brand has been around for almost two decades snow, counts some of the best riders of the planet on its team and builds high quality snowboards. Sometimes, a brand's team doesn't always translate into the products, but for Rome, it totally does. Work hard play hard, go big or go home style.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s 3 Rome boards that caught our attention recently. We strongly believe that these bad boys could take your Winter to new heights in 2020.

A bit of history

Rome SDS was founded by Josh Reid and Paul Maravetz who wanted to start their own snowboard company out of passion and love for snowboarding.

Reed and Maravetz didn’t start with nothing though. They both had a huge baggage of knowledge as they both worked for one the biggest snowboard companies out there, Burton. From its early beginning, Rome had an anti-establishment attitude as they felt that the snowboard industry was focusing too much on the Olympics and had stopped caring about snowboarding.

In 2001 Rome SDS was born and since then has helped define the core values of snowboarding counter culture. One big particularity about Rome is that the brand isn’t owned by a ski company. In fact, snowboarding is their primary focus and they seem to embrace the underdogs, the renegades, dirt bags and riders with big personalities, resulting in a very interesting mix of riders and products.

The team is just epic. Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, Stale Sandbech, Bjorn Leines... All riding their product and making sure it has the ability to provide them what they need in a board, and more. These guys are snowboarding geniuses, but also some of the greatest humans to ever step foot on a board. Let’s say that out of all the pro snowboard teams, the Rome team has the guys you're most likely to want to have have a beer with.

Oh yeah... The boards are all true shredding machines! Amongst the great selection of sticks, the brand counts some of the most iconic boards in snowboarding history such as the Agent and the Artifact, boards that never failed to disappoint riders due to their technical, durable construction and awesome graphics. On that note, check out those 3 boards! They are Sick!


We can safely say this one is the most iconic snowboards from Rome and has been for many years. Power, precision and more pop than you can ask for. Brace yourself, the Agent is back, and better than ever. This legacy board never really left, but it’s back with a vengeance and Rome’s game-changing Fusion Camber. For riders who want a versatile rip-stick that boosts sidehits, owns the park and stomps deep landings, look no further than the Agent. Featuring a new shape with true twin sensibilities, playful flex and heritage for days. The Agent has been a fan favorite for years and It’s not about to change.

Available in a bunch of different sizes, this board will please the new snowboard fan as much as the OG shredders.


Len's RK1 Gang Plank

This board is a fun one and a true mountain killer. Build for riders that see sidehits and transitions around every turn, the Gang Plank is an opportunistic all-mountain shredder. With enough flex and float to pop a front three into powder, but plenty of pressable power to lay waste to the park, the Gang Plank keeps the good times rolling long after the music stops.

With a true twin shape and Contact Rocker camber profile, you’ll never feel out of your element with the Gang Plank. The board is also unbelievable on the graphic level. Check it yourself, we’re almost 100% sure you’ll love it too.

The National

If you could only ride one board for the rest of your life, we think this one could be it. Never has a board so quickly established itself as a staff and team favorite than the National. With a ride-anything flex pattern, Rome’s game changing Fusion Camber backbone and almost twin shape, the National is truly an ATV of a board (All Terrain Vehicle). Peak to park performance and style for days.

BONUS: The Katana Bindings

The Katana is Rome's ultra-light binding that pushed the envelope on customization and connected comfort. Now a staple in the line thanks to its ground breaking AsymWrap Technology, this versatile king of the board feel helps keep you darting through trees, but doesn’t lose the power you need for high intensity carves. Always the innovator, the Katana has Rome's new AuxGrip Toe Strap for an even more snug fit and ultimate comfort. The AsymChannel Highback provides the backbone for all-mountain precision, while the fan favorite Ultralight Ankle Straps keep the good times cranked to 100 at all times.

If you're looking for a Winter filled with high level shredding and high level sensations on the board, Rome is a brand you can always trust. You'll understand what we're saying here once you get to try one yourself.