To satisfy your skateboarding needs in this rather disappointing month of April, drive west a little bit. New spots, new skateparks and new experiences at less than 3 hours away from home. Easy!


No need for much to go on a small improvised skateboard trip. A little motivation, a handful of boys and you are good to go. This weekend, don’t hesitate to hit the road and visit one of the following Skate Cities.

Ottawa - Ontario:

The hometown of skate legends Spencer Hamilton and Wade Desarmo, Ottawa is a real gold mine for skateboarding. With street spots in industrial quantities and skateparks on both sides of the city, a few visits are required to get a good idea of ​​what Ottawa has to offer. Perfect, it's not even a 2 hours drive from Montreal!

To start your trip, we advise you to hit the Charlie Bowins Skatepark first. Smooth, not too gnarly and fun, this is the perfect place for you to warm up and ask local skaters about street spots in the area. If you prefer transition skating, there is the legendary Legacy Skatepark on the other side of town. A little older than Charlie Bowins, Legacy is one of the first concrete parks we've seen around Montreal.

You can also follow @ottawaskatespots for a detailed list of spots as perfect as each other.



Burlington - Vermont:

If you thought Burlington was just a snowboard town, you're wrong. With brilliantly designed skateboarding accommodations, this little town is well worth a shredding visit. Especially for its skatepark! Relatively new, the A-Dog Skatepark is one of the most beautiful parks in the area according to us. And it's only 1h30 from here!

If, once you’re all warmed up, you have a street skating craving, ask local skaters for information at the skatepark. Burlington is known for being a very friendly city, and local riders will certainly help you out. Otherwise, we can tell you that the University of Vermont in Burlington has a lot of spots like rails, gaps, ledges and more for you to throw your carcass down.



Kingston - Ontario

If you have time to drive a little further, Kingston is a destination of choice for skateboarding. About an hour past Ottawa, the university town of Kinston is packed with street spots that are for the most part new and perfect. The city of Kingston also has a new really sick skatepark.

What’s cool about Kingston is that you don’t need to ask anybody to find spots. You just have to go to the center of the university campus, park your car and cruise around. You will stumble upon a ton of spots, guaranteed!



Now that you know exactly where to go,  don't wait any longer, pack your car and hit the road for a new skate adventure!