5 essentials for all your favorite Fall activities

5 essentials for all your favorite Fall activities

Fall is officially started! Even if we think that this season has a lot to offer, we often feel like it remains a bit misunderstood. In fact, Fall often rhymes with grey hues and bad weather, BUT NOT FOR US! Instead of complaining about the weather, why not take advantage of it! The only things you’ll need is a little determination and gear that will make you feel like the weather is your friend.

If there’s one thing we like to do in Fall, it’s spending time outside. The fresh air, the coloured leaves, the earth smell and the good vibes! However, it’s practically impossible to appreciate everything Fall has to offer without being well prepared. And by preparation, we mean having the necessary gear not to be slowed down by rain, mud, cold, humidity and everything else.

We know that Quebec’s weather isn’t always the easiest one, but you have to remember there’s always a way to go around it! Make your life easier during the grey months and gear up to enjoy Fall as much as you can.

The regular Jacket

Not cold enough to put on your winter coat but not warm enough for a simple shirt or long sleeve, Fall is the official jacket season. Whether you want to do something like hiking, chilling in the woods or even skateboarding, the jacket will keep you warm when the temperature drops.

Actually, the jacket is more than a Fall essential, it's a Fall obligation. In addition to protecting you from the wind, water, and the variable conditions of Quebec's Fall season, the jacket is a great way to add a dose of style to your outfit. Wear it and enjoy it, because apart from Fall and Spring, the jackets are usually staked in the wardrobe!

The technical Jacket

A jacket for those who like to stay active. There, we enter another universe! When we say technical clothing, we usually talk about shells aka light jackets that have waterproof and anti-wind attributes while allowing a high level of breathability so you're never cold, but also never sweaty and humid.

This type of product is a little more expensive, but is created for those who like to surpass themselves and for whom an ordinary jacket would cause sweats, humidity and discomfort. The technical garment is usually made to be worn over several layers of clothing, but in the Fall, a simple long sleeve or sweater under your shell will do the job. Hiking, fall jogging, biking, etc. Your technical garment will keep you warm and dry no matter what kind of activity you like to do.

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The Shoes

It’s clear that going for a day of hiking in the wood with worn out canvas skateboard shoes isn’t your best option. We believe that to get the most out of your outdoor Fall adventures, it all starts with appropriate footwear.

The footwear situation is pretty easy to figure out. You’ll want shoes that wick away moisture, that are water resistant and warm enough for cold days. We have a wide selection of footwear that were designed to withstand the elements and a variety of booties that will not let you down if the trail is muddy. Don’t ever spend the day with wet socks and cold feet so you can focus your energy on the colors, the forest and the beauty of Fall instead.

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The Beanie

The beanie is a must in the Fall. For the long early November windy days spent outside, you will always feel better with protected ears. In addition, the beanie will definitely add a dose of flavor to your fall kits.

If you didn’t already know, a lot of your body heat is lost through your ears. Might as well cover them! Because the top of the mountain is a really bad moment to realize notice that your ears are completely frozen.

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The sweater

An insulating and extremely comfortable garment, wool represents the basis of what is known as cocooning. Want to spend the day indoors playing board games with your friends on a rainy October Sunday? Why not do it well wrapped up in a warm and comfortable woolen sweater.

Not only it will save you money on your electricity bill, but the wool will also give you a feeling of well-being and comforting warmth at this time of year often gray and cold.

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Now that you have some tips to be prepared for the Fall days to come, go out and enjoy! Even if we would love to, we won’t go to your house to tell you to activate yourself, so get up, get dressed and go enjoy what the beautiful Fall season in Quebec has to offer!