Even if summer technically runs until September 21st, we have noticed a significant decrease in temperatures over the last few days. To be able to defy the colder climates while showing a refined and natural fall style, we studied the looks that are popping off this season. Our goal: To prove that the cold weather won’t ever prevent us from leaving home with style and elegance.

We know that many of you are already desperate just thinking about the upcoming cold weather, but if we told you that you could really turn the situation to your advantage, would you believe us? This is the truth! Changes in temperature, although sometimes a bummer, allow us to diversify our looks and our wardrobes like no other places in the world.

Because at the end of the day, we should try to enjoy the climate variations instead of complaining about it! Here are 5 looks that will not only keep you warm and cozy, but that will also make heads turn around you this fall!


The denim and double denim look:

The denim will never be out and there is a reason for that. Both warm, sturdy and stylish, denim pants and jackets are as hot today as they were in the 80s, and even more! And by hot, we mean warm, of course, but also very flavorful! The double denim look, also known as the "canadian tuxedo", is particularily celebrated this season.

The complete denim style, with its bluish hues, simplicity and regularity, is a must for fall 2017. From haute couture fashion shows to the streets of the world’s biggest cities, double denim is a golden choice for the autumn season. Casual, timeless and relaxed, but above all comfortable, warm and adaptable to all styles and body shapes!

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 Levis Mile High Extra Rise Super Skinny Fit jeans:


Levis Modern Western long sleeve button up:


The Obey Tompkins X Debbie Harry jacket:


The wool - knit - cocooning look:

 Fall also means the return of knitwear, extra-large knits and all that is made of wool. As fall is also the season of superposition, do not hesitate to wear several pieces of the same type for an impeccable wool on wool look. By choosing a hybrid between a dress and knitting, a dress can also adjust to the upcoming cooler weather.

Finally, the look would not be complete without an extra wide knit outfit. It's simple, XXL wool vests will make you feel warm just by watching them. Not to mention the feeling of permanent cocooning that extra-large wool shirts provide. A great way to combine style, warmth, comfort and casual look for the leaves season.

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The Paddington wool long sleeves shirt by Brixton:


Cocooning style Miranda wool vest by Lira:


 Eleventh Raglan shirt/dress from Element:


The plaid flannel look:

Even though we are in 2017, clothing pieces inspired by the 90s are extremely popular right now. Because of this nostalgia for the 90s, the flannel plaid shirts have also returned to the forefront of fall fashion. Long or short, open or buttoned, the flannel shirt will ensure warmth, style and a touch of assumed nonchalance that will make you stand out when you wear it.

Perfect for your outdoor autumn walks as well as for your night escapes in the city, the plaid flannel look is a fall essential! Approved by the biggest fashionistas of the world.

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 Strange Vest by Element:


 Grace button up by Burton:


 Neutral Long Sleeve flannel by RVCA:


The sportswear look:

As the Knit spirit is gaining momentum this season, fashion continues attach a particular interest to sportswear. From ski styled jackets to track pants to retro sport vests and unstructured polars, the sportswear look is a great way to combine fun with sport and fashion. In the 5 looks shown here, sportswear is by far the most comfortable as well as the most useful/enjoyable combination.

What is also very cool about sportswear is that the trend is constantly renewing, cyclically. You can then enjoy your sportswear kits for a long time without feeling old-fashioned. Finally, the sportswear looks good as a total look as well as with other pieces of different styles.

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 Adidas Superstar pants:


Adidas Superstar Jacket:


 One & Only Pop pants by Hurley:


The burgundy red look

Finally, the last look of this list will not be given by a particular type of clothing, but by a simple color. No matter the garment or material, deep burgundy red is a classic of the autumn color palette since forever, but is simply a must this season!

What’s good about red is that the look given by this color can also be worn all year round, just choose a garment that has a 4 seasons fabric like a silky blouse, skinny jeans, a woolen skirt or, even simpler, a handbag. No matter what pieces you wear, the burgundy red will fit you like a glove this fall.

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We hope you have a wonderful fall season!