February just started! It’s not too late to treat yourself snowboard wise. Among our wide selection of Shred sticks, the Lib Tech brand stands out! In fact, our staff swears by this brand and for a reason. Whether it’s for drawing fresh lines into the backcountry’s untouched powder, riding leisurely on the mountain’s slopes with your friends or sliding on the rails and jumping on the snowpark’s jumps, these boards will make the ride ten times better!

The T-Rice Orca 159

Lib Tech’s new Travis Rice-backed board devours freeride terrain, just like the most dangerous predator of the sea, the Orcas. If you like pow, tight trees, or both at once, this board is for you. This short and wide directional board packs a lot of power in its small profile, perfect for holding down the deep pow in your local backcountry. A long nose and wide waist will make it easy for you to float on the snow, while a tight sidecut allows for railing quick turns. This C2-cambered deck is able to adapt inbounds and out. Take it for a ride in the deep snow and let the board do all the job for you!

Jamie Lynn – Dagmar

A real all in one board! Donning both his artwork and namesake, the Jamie Lynn Dagmar is a new all-terrain board that’s perfect to handle what your local resort has to offer. Built around Mervin’s C2 hybrid camber profile, and featuring a deep, trench gouging sidecut, the Dagmar is confident in pow and groomers alike, delivering with precision and ease. This is the best board for those who like to ride it all. With its medium flex pattern, this directional freestyle deck is even very good if you like to spend plenty of time in the park. What’s cool about this shred stick is that basically every riders will be able to appreciate it, on any day, in any conditions.

The Skate Banana

One of the best snowpark board ever, but also a board that’s good for everybody. The Skate Banana has built a lasting reputation as a go-to twin-tipped, playful board, fit for everyone from the first-timer to the seasoned veteran. Its original Banana profile, which features a predominantly rockered outline, is perfect for an easy and mellow ride while still providing plenty of performance in terms of carving, jibbing, and even floating in pow. There’s a reason the Skate Banana continues to be a fan favorite, and its fun-first personality makes it ideal for a rider with the same intent.

The EjackKnife HP C3

Built with Lib Tech’s powerful Horsepower construction and designed to meet the all-terrain demands of Eric Jackson, the E-Jack Knife is an aggressive deck that will handle equally aggressive terrain, all with a freestyle mindset. With a directional shape built around Mervin’s C3, camber-dominant profile, and featuring a mild taper, this is a stiff, hard charger that wants to be ridden fast, whether ripping pow at the local resort or sending booters in the backcountry.

Le Skunk Ape HP

The Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP is one of the few boards out there made specifically for bigger people with wide feet. The Skunk Ape is like a slightly more directional super wide TRS with a setback stance. The 2018-2019 Lib Tech Skunk Ape HP has a changeup to the tip/tail that should give more setback on board as well as an easier directional float in the deep stuff. It comes in only Wide and Ultra Wide and it’s often one of our more recommendable wide to ultra-wide all-mountain boards for those with massive feet. Also the HP model and regular model combined into one and it’s now just the Skunk Ape with HP (a little lighter/snappier) construction.

On this note, we wish you an excellent end of winter and we hope to see you on the slopes with a new board Libtech!