You can spend your days watching trick tips on your computer, but the best way to improve on the snowpark’s rails and jumps is to actually spend a lot of time there. Icy surface, too many people, demolished kickers and landings, frequent collisions, etc… The snowpark can be a source of frustration at times, but also a source of intense pleasure if you know exactly how, when and why to go.

Ladies and gentlemen, here are 5 tips that will really help you enjoy your sessions in the park.


The first tip to know if you want to improve your chances of having fun in the park is when to go! Just like for those who are looking for fresh slopes on a powdery day or soft snow on a warm fall afternoon, the snowpark belongs to those who know when to go!

If you like jumps and kickers, the best time to jump is in the morning. The persistent cold from the night makes it much easier to accelerate, the kickers are well cared for and the landings are smoother in the morning. In addition, there will be a lot less people in the park at the opening of the mountain than later in the day.

That said, if what you like is urban style jibbing, you have the right to press on the snooze button! That’s true, the morning is not ideal for rails. Unlike jumps, hard snow and ice will not be your friend on the rails and boxes. Let the afternoon sun soften the obstacles and allow for smooth run-ups and landings, then ride until sundown if you can. Believe us, it’s the truth. The conclusion is simple: Jumps = morning / Rails = afternoon!


If you want others to have respect for you in the park, it’s important to respect others. Obviously. Park snowboarders will not love you too much if you decide to use the box as a bench or if you stay below the kickers, where people can’t see you. Being hated for not knowing how to use the park can easily become a source of frustration and reduce your desire to return to the park. The trick: When you do not ride, or even when you do, make sure you are not in the way!

Parks have rules, most of which are pure common sense. Nevertheless, there are always people wandering as if there were no snowboarders in the area … Do not be one of these people. If you know the unwritten rules of the snowpark, do not hesitate to educate people in need around you. Being respected by your peers in your local snowpark is a must if you want to have fun in there.


Unless you are really at the park just to show off your new jacket / pants kit, it’s important to enter the park with the objective of learning a thing or two while you are there. It’s a great way to get better and leave with a sense of accomplishment. In addition, working on new maneuvers will make you want to continue to visit the park until you master them to perfection.

Everyone is different and has their own theories, but it is proven that the motivation to learn leads to pleasure and satisfaction and that it is harder to learn if you are in a bad mood. Yes! Another good reason to have fun in the park. To enjoy your hours of practice at your local snowpark, stay happy and bet on your own progress!


It’s easy to get into the park and get discouraged when you see the pros doing crazy maneuvers. Instead of seeing riders who are better than you as a source of discouragement, look at them shredding and take notes. Most of the snowboard prodigies we know today have grown up looking at other experienced professional riders. That’s why it’s so important to integrate and participate in the life of the park.

In the same way that you have better control of the powder after trying to follow the rhythm of more experienced riders for a couple hours, you will progress quickly on the kickers and rails of the park if you take the example of experienced riders around you. You can even become their friend! It will only increase your pleasure and will help you in your progression process. Forget that you’re shy and chat with other riders in the park. Joining your new crew is another reason and motivation to hit the park more often.


Lines drawn in front of kickers and rails, huge ditches on every landings and snow bumps everywhere are part of the reality of a snowpark. For the most part, it’s a pretty good reason not to go to the park, but what if you were told that the flaws are a perfect way to exercise your creativity on your board.

If your goal is to have fun in your local park, you better just enjoy its flaws and use them to your advantage. Reshape your own lines, use the leaps as new jumps or ride the holes in the landings as a continuation of the setup rather than seeing it as a sketchy malfunction. Find new lines and jumps on the sides of the actual jumps to discover new ways to air and learn new tricks. Because no matter where there’s snow and snowboards, there is room for pleasure and creativity.