5 videos to watch before going snowboarding

5 videos to watch before going snowboarding

We just entered a new decade and it’s good to see that our beloved sport is still transmitted and shared the good old fashioned way: through videos. 2019 has definitely been a great year for snowboarding at this level. To hype yourself up before your next snowboarding adventure, here are 5 videos that will surely get you pumped to ride. You should definitely watch.

Adidas - Hopes of the highest

The Adidas snowboard team is one of the most talented and diverse in the snowboard industry and Hopes of the Highest shows it well. Sit back and get ready for 10 minutes of pure madness as Jake Blauvelt, Nik Baden, Jared Elston, Tommy Gesme, Louif Paradis, Derrek Lever, Ben Bilodeau, Craig Cameron, Jed Anderson, Forest Bailey and Keegan Valaika destroy everything in their path with style and ease.

The mix of styles and terrains in this video is impressive. With thrilling back country sections, an unexpected and flawless section from snowboarding icon Jake Blauvelt as well as a dominant street vibe including crazy stunts from legend Jed Anderson. This harmonious blend of styles and flavours gives the film its full meaning and gives you a reason to watch it over and over again. A well-invested 10 minutes, especially before hitting the slopes!

Snowboarder mag - Everybody, Everybody

Street destruction in its purest form! Everybody, Everybody is Snowboarder Mag's most recent film production and features twelve riders who, over 6 seasons, have worked to film the best part of their lives. Fueled by youth and the new generation, Everybody Everybody is a cool breeze in the world of snowboarding. In addition, the video features none other than our rider and good homie Gab Jacques! Boom!

Directed and edited by Ted Borland with the help of Ryan Finder, Derek Weimer and Anton Kiiski, the video perfectly captures the essence of today's snowboarding, in high resolution of course! Featuring Jill Perkins, Phil Hansen, Rene Rinnekangas, Gus Warbington, JJ Westbury, Reid Smith, Gab Jacques, Finn Westbury, Gabe Ferguson, Benny Milam, Brandon Davis, Cooper Whittier, and more, you can expect high level snowboarding from the four corners of the earth. Enjoy!

Vans Snowboarding - Lovely Day

The latest video from Vans Snow, highlighting the release of Jake Kuzyk's new signature High Standard boot, is a 2019 must-see. The video features the Vans Snow team, who set off on motorized vehicles for a 14 days road trip on North America's coast. The video is filled with high-level snowboarding, of course, but there is also a unique, inspiring atmosphere, camaraderie and general vibe that will make you feel like going boardin' with your friends.

While this is more of a viewing experience than just a video showcasing tricks, remember that it's the Vans team we're talking about here. There is no shortage of bangers! From snowparks to back country to streets, snowboarding is obviously good, but the best part is that nostalgic feeling you get when you hit the road with your friends, perfectly captured by talented director Tanner Pendleton. While most of the current snowboard movies focus on performance, Lovely Day's goal is to represent the Vans snowboard team as a family and it works! watching it will instantly make you want to go riding with your friends.

Ride Snowboards – SICKY!

SICKY!, the latest video from Ride Snowboards hasn't only marked our year because it's dedicated to Dillon Ojo, but also because it showcases high quality snowboarding with a truly incredible aesthetic. We should also mention that their team of athletes is really on the cutting edge of talent. Directed by Jake Durham and Danimals, Two friends who have been filming snowboarding together for over ten years, the concept is simple and effective: Travel to cool places with cool people, have fun and never take things too seriously!

Starring Dan Liedahl, Spencer Schubert, Cole Navin, Mike Bogs, Jill Perkins, Brandon Davis, Jed Anderson, Derrek Lever, Jake Welch, Ryoki Ogawa, Reid Smith, Beau Bishop, Bar Dadon, Matt Boudreaux, Pat Moore, Joe Sexton, Jonas Michilot and Billy Bottoms, our expectations were high before watching this video and we were not disappointed. If you have 30 minutes to spare and you need motivation before going riding, invest it in SICKY!, guaranteed success!

Powder hounds 2

This video, starring none other than our rider Mikey Rencz as well as Mark Sollors and Mikkel Bang is a must watch for anyone who loves powder. If Powder Hounds Vol. 2 doesn't make you want to go shred in powdery and fluffy snow, there is something wrong with you.

The stars of this production tore up all the natural terrains they could find and brought back dream images from their adventures, showcasing hidden spots that are accessible only by snowmobile. The three guys live and breathe back country and there is no one better than them to showcase all the craziness that happens up there. From gnarly snowmobiles rides to building crazy kickers and finding the most massive cliffs, this one is good. Ladies and gentlemen, sit down comfortably and feast your eyes with this 20 minutes of back country insanity.