6 Lib Tech Boards to shred all terrains this Winter

6 Lib Tech Boards to shred all terrains this Winter

December has just started! Perfect time to treat yourself and/or your loved ones with a new snowboard. Among our wide selection of shred sticks, the Lib Tech brand definitely stands out! In fact, our staff swears by this brand, and for a reason. Whether it’s for drawing fresh lines into the backcountry’s untouched powder, riding leisurely on the mountain’s slopes with your friends or sliding on the rails and sailing big airs in the snowpark, these boards will make your ride ten times better!


The T-Rice Orca C2X

The Lib Tech Orca is a short and wide pow board that has been rigorously tested by the man himself, Travis Rice. Designed to slash powder both in the resort and out in the backcountry, the Orca features Original Power construction and a long nose to keep this shorter pow stick afloat. With the intermediate to advanced rider in mind, the mid-stiff flex of the C2X camber profile allows this board to be a versatile daily driver that trenched groomers and handles powder with ease.

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Originally designed as a park and slopestyle stick, the TRS is a go to for progressive riders pushing freestyle all over the resort and deep into the backcountry. This board also has a long history of competitive wins in every terrain and discipline imaginable... Olympic medals, World Freeride Tour gold, slopestyle championships and lots of Good Woods prizes. To put it simply, this is a perfect high performance freestyle snowboard. Art by Anthony Hurd.

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The No 43 HP C2X

Women’s Lib introduces the No. 43, a go-to for progressive female riders pushing freestyle fun all over the resort and deep into the backcountry. A high performance C2x contour in a freestyle twin shape make this board an all terrain ripper. Its HP construction (Horsepower) allows this board a great flotation level and a high level of response, making your turns more solid and carefree. The No. 43 is a performance board that rips the whole mountain and that will make you love snowboarding even more than you already do. Art by Anthony Hurd.

The Dynamiss

The Dynamiss is an all terrain resort ripper that can perform really good during pow days too. This powerful C3 directional stick is ready for anything you might have on the agenda. A smooth entry directional nose to float in the crud and pow combined with a slightly tapered tail and a poppy Aspen / Paulownia core makes the Dynamiss an instant dynamic freeride classic. Fun fact, this board was designed for Jeff Pensiero's (owner and guide at Baldface) daughter. Art by Jamie Lynn.

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The Cortado C2

This board is a directional all terrain mid-wide, with a low entry nose for effortless float in the crud and pow and a powerful, confidence building, low fatigue ride. The Cortado is absolutely brewed and balanced to perfection... A magic blend available at a magic price. Art by Mervin staff photographer Tim Zimmerman

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The Glider BTX

The Glider is a fun, easy to ride, high performance, do everything dream stick for women. The award winning “Banana Tech” rocker/camber contour continues to re-define modern snowboarding with its amazing soft snow float, hardpack carving, and catchfree freestyle. There is no better board to progress on whether you are just getting started or a you are full time shred queen! Art by Tim Franz

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On this note of awesomeness, we wish you an excellent Winter and we hope to see you on the slopes with a new Libtech board! Will most definitely have ours! CHEERS!