ADIDAS came through with yet another banging shoe for Spring 2021: the Forum 84 Low ADV, an iconic ADIDAS basketball silhouette from 1984 revamped and rebuilt to fit the performance and style needs of today’s top skateboarding athletes.

It’s crazy to think that this shoe was worn by none other than Michael Jordan during the 1984 Olympic USA basketball trials. Since then, the Forum didn’t just become a perfect shoe for basketball and many other sports alike, but it also became somewhat of a style and fashion icon.

The Forum was re-released a few times since 1984, but the Forum 84 Low ADV is the first skateboarding version of the iconic shoe. Keep scrolling to dive deeper into the shoe’s rich history and technical background.


The Forum was introduced in the ADIDAS shoes line up in 1984 and was essentially a shoe created exclusively for Basketball players by legendary French designer Jacques Chassaing. After spending countless hours on the court speaking with coaches and players, he was able to locate the weak point in basketball player’s ankles and used this knowledge to design what would become one of the most popular shoe of it’s time, on and off the court.

Taking inspiration from the rubber bands that physiotherapists were using to stabilize basketball player’s ankles, Chassaing created the “Criss-Cross Ankle System”, an ankle support and stabilization system that embraces and protects the whole ankle area. That ankle protection is what made the ADIDAS Forum so special at first and helped basketball players across the globe to reach better performance levels.

Later that year, none other than Michael Jordan wore the ADIDAS Forums during the highly mediatized Olympic Basketball trials in the USA. From that point on, these shoes quickly became a staple for athletes and later, for pretty much everybody.

The fact that this shoe was made legendary in the basketball world was a turning point for the Forum for sure, but as one of the first shoes in history to retail over $100, the Forum also quickly became a fashion statement and got the attention of the mainstream through celebrities, athletes and sneakerheads alike.

Over the years, the Forum made a few comebacks for iconic partnerships and collabs, but never entered the skateboarding division of ADIDAS until almost 40 years later. Today the Forum is back in full force with a version that was created especially for skateboarding. With its high level of ankle support, comfort and style, it was a no brainer for the brand to adapt one of their most iconic silhouettes to the rough streets through our favorite sport: skateboarding.


If you are wondering what ADIDAS did to turn the ultimate 80s Basketball shoe into today’s ultimate skate shoe, here’s how they did it.

Stitched cupsole with pivot point

This detail is totally inspired by the 84 version of the ADIDAS Forum and was created to protect you from impacts. The Forum 84 ADV Low features a stitched cupsole that offers great boardfeel all while giving your feet superior protection. So comfy it will make you ditch your vulc shoes for good. The pivot point is located below the big toe joint on the outsole to allow skaters to have that solid and stable footing when skating and moving their feet on the board. A detail that was great for basketballers back then and that's just as great for skateboarders today. 

Low-Cut silhouette

Compared to the original Forum, the silhouette of the ADV version is visibly lower, giving more freedom of movement to skateboarders without taking the stability and ankle protection out of the shoe.

Removable and molded Adiprene footbed

ADIDAS never disappoints when it comes to insoles and the Forum 84 Low ADV makes no difference. The brand's tested and approved Adiprene footbeds are so comfy you’ll never want to skate anything else. That’s perfect as these are removable, so you can easily take them from one pair of shoes to the other. Seems a bit much, but trust us, you’ll understand once you discover these insoles and what comfort really means.

Padded tongue and collar

For that ultimate comfort and that Old School nod from the 80s. The Forum Low ADV is a bit bulky, but without ever neglecting board feel. The style and padding of a bulky shoe, but with the control and feel of smaller skate shoe. If you skate, you know that a padded shoe collar is an essential for the wellbeing of your ankles and the ADIDAS Forum 84 Low ADV has a lot of it.

Perforated toe cap

Inspired by the original version of the ADIDAS Forum to avoid spending your days with wet, sweaty socks. The Forum 84 LOW ADV uses a perforated toe cap panel that adds style to the equation all while have moisture wicking properties that will allow skaters, basketballers or any sport enthusiasts to keep their feet fresh throughout the day.

Reinforced heel area

This is one important aspect of the original Forum that came back on the ADV version. The reinforced heel area provides stability and a solid feeling, but also allows the shoes to stay in good shape after being jumped in over and over again.

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