Being on the slopes of your local mountain with Adidas Snowboarding boots and outerwear is like driving on the freeway with a luxury car. More power, more style, everyone is looking at you when you bass by. Boom!

Founded in Germany in 1949, Adidas is now recognized as one of the best shoe brands on the market. After experiencing a huge success with the introduction of Adidas Skateboarding in 2006, the iconic brand decided to use its knowledge in the shoes department and to go deeper in the world of action sports by launching its own collection of snowboard boots and outerwear, in 2008.

Almost 10 years later, Adidas Snowboarding continues to offer winter products that are never disappointing. It's easy, the brand has enough influence, money and knowledge to create pieces with a level of style and functionality that only a few snowboard brands can offer.

Even though the introduction of the brand's snowboard divison is relatively new, Adidas already knew the snowboard world very well before going knee deep in this business. Having made snowboard goggles for years before the creation of Adidas Snowboarding, it was only a matter of time before the brand put its knowledge into practice for winter gear and snowboard boots. And it paid off!

Today, Adidas Snowboarding offers products for every style and budget, from the penniless rider who’s snowboarding for the first time to the advanced shredder who’s willing to pay more for higher end gear. No matter your level, your riding frequency and the amount of money in your pockets, there is an Adidas product for you.

Snowboard boots

On the snowboard boots level, the Adidas conceptors really know what they are doing. Believe us. With more than 60 years of shoe design behind their belts, it's only normal that Adidas Snowboarding boots are the pinnacle of quality. Not to mention their classic and timeless Three Stripes style.

At retail prices ranging from $ 300 to $ 400, Adidas boots offer a wide variety of adjustments, levels of flexibility and rigidity as well as technical points to suit all riding styles. Whether you prefer to blast big moves in your local mountain’s snowpark or to spend your days drawing new lines in the backcountry’s fresh powder, Adidas certainly has a boot made for you.

For all the technical details about our Adidas Snowboarding boots selection, CLICK HERE.


As for the Adidas outerwear selection, we can say that the design team went all in on this! All equally as good looking as each other, the jackets, snow pants and other winter accessories all have that euro flavor that we love so much about the brand. In addition to this unique flavor, the gear's quality is just exceptional.

Warm, technical, lightweight and ultra-functional jackets and pants as well as ultra-stylish overalls - CLICK HERE to take a look at our selection of Adidas outerwear and to get inspired by this legendary brand’s typical flavor!

If, like us, you already worship Adidas shoes and clothing, you will for sure appreciate Adidas Snowboarding. Because when a brand is timeless, its products are timeless as well and this, no matter the department.