According to Airblaster’s founders, the brand’s name is a way to summarize in one word the things they like most in life: To shred powder, to blast a big Method and to rip a fart. As you can already see, for Airblaster, everything is about fun.

There was a time in the history of snowboarding where "cool" became "too cool", where "fun" became "being sponsored". In response to this drastic shift in the industry, the Airblaster crew, formed by snowboard legend Travis Parker as well as Jesse Grandkoski and Paul Miller, decided to start producing items designed specifically for those who love quality, but who also prefer not to take themselves too seriously.

« For me snowboarding will always be pure freedom to express your own style. Progressing just by having fun. That’s what I wanted to bring into Airblaster. We needed to fly the fun flag and let people know. »- Jesse Grandkoski, Airblaster Founder.

We already hear you say: "Yes, but fun is not what will give a better quality to a snowboard product." Wrong. In fact, pleasure and quality are two things that never go without each other. Because basically, if the quality of your snowboarding equipment is bad, you will definitely have less fun on the mountain. As simple as that.

Fortunately, Airblaster products are really good and are tested by experimented snowboarders who know the difference between a product that will facilitate your pleasure and a product that will prevent you from having a blast on the mountain.

« I always test the products. I just put it on, use it, and communicate how I think it protects me. It protects me from the snow and the cold, and it is really a piece of safety gear, gear that helps me from not freezing. »- Travis Parker, Airblaster Founder.

Focusing on fun, friends and freedom, Airblaster has made a name for itself as the official spokesperson for all the riders who really love snowboarding, but also for the invention of completely unique products that have somehow revolutionized the snowboard industry. Among these products is the iconic Ninja Suit, a fun and functional thermal combination that has pretty much put Airblaster on the map 10 years ago.

The Ninja Suits

The Iconic One-Piece that snowboarders are waiting for year after year. The Airblaster Ninja Suit has gained significant influence over the years, and for good reason.

Extremely comfortable, flexible and facilitating movement in the coldest weather, this combination is the first and last base layer you will need on the mountain. In addition, the graphics on the Ninja Suits are irresistible.

Technical features:

Airblaster Air Tech material (94% Brushed Polyester / 6% Lycra) is the original fabric of all Ninja Suits, featuring a 4-way stretch synthetic blend that wicks away moisture and keeps you warm and dry all day long! The wicking properties of polyester are combined with the stretch and rebound of Lycra to create a performance-based layer that’s approved by the world's greatest ninjas (and snowboarders).

The Ninja Suit also includes a 7-panel adjustable hood, a full-length chest zipper, thumb holes at the wrists, a zipper for easy #1 bathroom access as well as a zipper at the back of the waist for easy #2 bathroom access! LOL.

To enjoy the winter to the fullest and to see the rest of our Airblaster products selection, check us out online or visit us in stores!