We’ll never tell you enough; If you want to stay active this Winter, you will need to be outside, and if you need to be outside all the time, might as well get your hands on outerwear that will keep you warm and dry at all times. For anything above the shoulders, we need something simple, stylish, comfortable and reliable. That’s why we always choose Airhole.

A bit of history,

Airhole is a Canadian company that was started in 2006 by professional snowboarders Chris Brown and Kale Stephens. The brand started as an idea that popped in Chris and Kale’s minds as they were riding pow in the backcountry and realized technical and performance driven face protection for that kind of heavy riding didn’t really exist.

After thinking about it for a while and riding in the heaviest glacier conditions with poor face protection on a regular basis, Kale got down to business and started to create prototypes with his grandma’s old sewing machine. After designing a few samples, he realized the best way to prevent condensation under your face cover is to let the air out. And this is how Airhole’s signature air hole was born!

Comfortable face protection designed for heavy breathing activities like snowboarding and extreme conditions like what you find in the backcountry. That’s what airhole is all about and let us tell you that they seriously make some of the best facemasks on the market, period.

The best thing about Airhole is that the facemasks seem to be perfectly adapted to our weather. Extreme and at some point, cold as hell! As much as the facemasks were created to endure the backcountry’s crazy conditions, they are just as effective to wait for the bus on a cold Tuesday morning in the city or even to spend the day in the yard building a fort with the kids. The brand’s mission is to protect adventurers from the elements, and if you like to play outside in the peak of our Quebec Winter, you can seriously consider yourself an adventurer.


Did you know that at the peak of the 2020 pandemic last Spring, Airhole decided to redirect its production to make personal Covid-19 protection masks and developed some of the sickest ones on the market with fresh designs and a triple layer protection technology to make sure nothing gets through. If you plan to hit the mountain, slap one of these on your face or slip it under your Airhole balaklava or neckwarmer and you’ll be good to go.

All that to say that if you’re into hikes and spending time in nature where there’s not much people, Airhole is the best. If what you're into is riding at resort or hanging out anywhere else where there’s more people, they are still the best! Just remember to put a regular facemask under it and the breathing hole will still do the condensation evacuating job just fine.


The fact that Airhole pretty much invented the technical face protection with breathing hole alone should convince you to get your hands on one of these, but if you’re still not convinced, here’s a few details that might help you see what we mean when we say owning a Airhole Facemask is a must for our Quebec Winters.

- All Airhole face masks are treated with DWR (Durable Water repellent), creating an invisible shield on your garment to never let the water penetrate into the fabric.
- The fabrics used, ranging from fleece to microfibers, are all incredibly comfortable and are designed for long wear period without even feeling like you wear face protection at all.
- The microfibers fabrics like Airhole’s Microfleece are designed to have body temperature regulation properties that will allow you to not overheat and never sweat inside your mask. this traditional and lightweight soft fabric stays warm, even when wet. To make it simple, this material just doesn’t retain water.
- The fabric’s Quickdry technology allows for moisture wicking at the surface of the fabric so the drops of water laying at the surface dry fast.
- Airhole facemasks are the best thing to wear with a helmet, period. Those who tried know what we’re talking about here. Fits so perfect you won’t even feel it.
- Airhole have designed one of the best velcro closure on the market. It it so comfortable and smooth, there's no of itching and scratching on your neck and your hair won't stay stuck in it. 
- Airhole is one of the only companies that offer a fabric with water/wind resistance as high as 20 000mm. That's right, all face covers including the Softshell fabric technology like the brand's iconic Standard Facemask are as good at braving the elements as you own winter jacket!
-Last but not least, most Arihole outer layers are made of recycled PET bottles. 

With all that in mind, the last thing you need to do is to try it for yourself. You’ll see there’s not much better than Airhole when talking about Winter face protection. Christmas is coming fast, treat yourself and/or your loved ones with a Airhole facemask! Success guaranteed!