If you didn't know it yet, Alexis Lacroix is ​​officially on the Empire Skate team! There are no words to describe how stoked we are to count this outstanding skateboarder and human among our big family, making our roster of riders even more beast than it already was.


Alexis is definitely one of the most known skaters in Canada. You probably already know him for of his original tricks, his musical talents or his eternal PMA. He's one charismatic dude. To get this far, he was not exempted from the number one thing talented skaters have to do in order to be legit: filming full video parts.

Here are some of the parts that were game changers for Alexis as well as for Montreal's skateboarding history. Peep the gold and GET INSPIRED!



If you started skating less than 10 years ago, you probably never saw Banlieusards, the first real video Alexis had a full part in. It was around 2008, when he was still living in Montreal's North Shore and wasn't that known in the scene. Although still living in the 'burbs, Alexis' part in Banlieusards made waves in Montreal as well as everywhere in Quebec. Filmed and edited by Jerome Walsh and featuring Alexis original crew, this video showed the whole province we would continue to hear about him for years to come. Even if the tricks he was doing in this part are considered "normal" compared to what he does today, we can still notice some glimpses (One footed pole jam to 3; 48) of the funky style that he's known now. 

Broke Am

Alexis's second big part was in Broke Am, another homie video filmed and edited by Nathan Éthier Myette and Jérome Walsh. This part is the one that really showed the world what Alexis was capable of. We saw great improvements in his style and skill level on a skateboard as well as a certain appreciation for music and the gypsy life, things that characterize him today.  It looks like it was during the filming of this part that Alexis realized the extent of his potential and got really, really good. The answer to his Broke Am section was once again very positive and after this part, he moved to the city, started to travel a lot and to film with the big dogs: The Dime guys.

Dime Turd Season

On the heels of Broke Am's success, it was only a matter of time before Alexis started skating and filming with the hottest skate crew in Montreal. Not only a few tricks or a small part in the middle of the video, Alexis earned the last part in Dime's third video: Dime Turd Season. Alexis even got to share a part with one of the best skateboarders in Canada: JS Lapierre. This video section was a turning point in Alexis trick selection and lifestyle. We really started to see his desire to experiment and try weird stuff on his skateboard with tricks no one else does. You surely remember his famous "ski jump" over San Francisco's  downhill double set. That trick will stay written in skateboarding's history forever!

The Dime Video

Even if there's no "parts" in Dime's 4th video, Alexis is pretty much the star of the whole thing. He began to really travel during the filming of this video, getting clips all over Europe, Canada and the USA for what would be his fourth masterpiece.   Fully living the gypsy life, Alexis developed a sharp talent at playing music and wandered around the world with nothing but his instruments and his skateboard. He still managed to come up with some of the best clips in the video and, of course, the famous intro where he grabs a salmon with his bare hands, which made him go viral and solidified his reputation for being a solid skater, but also a one of a kind type of guy.


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We are definitely excited to see what Alexis has in store for us in the future!

In the meantime, connect to our Insta Stories to see Alexis shred the streets of Chicoutimi during another Takeover Empire!