From their humble beginnings on beaches all over the world to their recent expansion in the greatest retailers worldwide, Amuse Society is a clothing brand that perfectly represents today’s woman : Adventurous and rebel, but modern and distinguished



Beach Vida Bling

For an evening in the city with your friends or a day of surfing and chilling at the beach, the Amuse Society gear is designed to adapt to any situation.


We are excited to announce the imminent arrival of Amuse's new spring 2017 collection, featuring sweaters, jerseys, pants, vests, knits and accessories that will give you a unique and different look, without ever sacrificing the elegence.

For a glimpse of the new collection, check out the pictures below and don’t wait too long, the pieces are flying off the shelves faster than you can imagine.


Story of the brand

Amuse Society is the creative vision of industry leaders Mandy Fry and Summer Rapp, who, after working with several big surf companies, brought life to a new young and contemporary beach lifestyle brand in 2014.


The best way to describe the brand would be : A graceful mix of opposites. Beach and street, bohemian and rock and roll.

As the artistic director and president of the brand, Mandy and her team create and give life to this ready-to-wear label in Southern California.


From there, the collections travel around the world, just like what we love to do ourselves. With Amuse, travel is the destination. And the muse they follow in her adventures to get inspired is you.


The Gear

Amuse women clothing represent a style that could be called "Chic de plage". Ready-to-wear clothing pieces with a touch of Rock and Roll that blends perfectly with the bikinis you wear on the edge of the sea or the knits you wear in the city.


Inspired by the artistic aspect of travelling and the beauty of all that is on a beach, Amuse has created one of the most attractive aesthetic signature for themselves, on the sand of the beach or the streets of the city, Amuse Society’s clothes have an undeniably bold, rebellious and sexy style.

Each piece of Amuse clothing displays a bold and daring inspiration, a bohemian, urban and even vintage look. In addition to promoting a lifestyle we all love and dream of, Amuse Society’s clothes are conceived to release the spontaneity that hides in every woman of the world.


Amuse Society clothes are created for women who don’t take themselves too seriously and who believe that the best moments always come spontaneously. The ideal gear for girls who like to spend long hours at the beach waiting for the sunset as well as at the old vinyl record store or even on the sidewalks of the city looking for the best coffee shop in town.