Anon - the most versatile snowboard goggles ever

Anon - the most versatile snowboard goggles ever

We were introduced to Anon’s new line of goggles while visiting the Burton headquarters in Burlington a couple weeks ago. After just a few minutes of snowboard talk with product developper Trevor Moore and Anon’s passionate conception team, it became evident that these guys were not exaggerating when they said they make the best snowboarding goggles in the game.

From design to technology, the Anon team is made of geniuses of their crafts and the new collection is just as great as the people behind it.

Photos: Ryan Lebel



The pioneers of lens changing technology and inventors of the Magna-Tech magnet system came in strong this year with a line of goggles, helmets and face masks that have everything to make your snowboarding experience better. To be honest, we didn’t have enough eyes to watch everything that was going on around us during our visit, but one thing definitely caught our attention: Anon’s latest bad boy, the new M4 goggle.

We learned that the M4 was in fact the goggle with the most technologically advanced frame to this day. A frame that offers the easiest lens switching technology with a lens retention level you can fully trust, a greater field of vision, the best helmet and face mask fit on the market and something nobody else can offer, the possibility to switch between toric and cylindrical lenses in just a few seconds.


That’s right! For the first time ever in the history of lens changing technology, it’s now possible to attach two different types of lenses on the same frame, opening a new world of possibilities while going down the slopes and allowing you to adjust to lightning change like never before.

Cylindrical lenses are the traditional flat looking shape, which is curved only on the horizontal level for a low-profile and clean aesthetic. The lens also tapers to a thinner profile at the edges for reduced peripheral distortion. This optimizes clarity throughout your field of vision so you can see more while also maximizing the possible vent volume in the goggle for fog-free performance. Perfect for low light situations.

The toric lens is rounder than the cylindrical lens and was originally intended to improve optics by mimicking the shape of the eye. A toric lens has a tighter radius horizontally than vertically, providing enhanced peripheral vision. This shape also maximizes the possible vent volume in the goggle for an unmatched field of vision and fog-free performance all day. Ideal for a flawless vision when the sun shines bright!

Other than the revolutionary Lens versatility, the M4 has everything a snowboarder needs for his/her riding experience to reach new levels. Here’s a couple more things you should know about Anon’s new top of the crop goggle.

-The SONAR by Zeiss lenses provide excellent optical clarity with no distortion and a huge field of vision.

-Anon's magnetic lens system is incredibly easy to use. You can even swap lenses while the goggles are on your face.

-The goggles come with an innovative and comfortable facemask system that also integrates into the goggles with magnets.

-They have a larger fit, and feel ultra-comfortable on a large range of face sizes and shapes.

-They fit well with or without a helmet.


The new M4 from Anon is definitely among the most comfortable, user-friendly, and high-performance goggles we've tried on. Can’t wait to use them on the slopes this Winter! 
We know these are a bit expensive, but trust us, it's fully worth the money. If anything, Anon offers a wide range of more affordable goggles that also have the Magna-tech lens changing system, like the Sync, the Relapse or the WM1 for Women.