To make life at the mountain easier for all the family amidst a global pandemic.

Like it or not, snowboarding won’t be the same this year, just like pretty much everything else in our lives. It’s all good though, we’re learning how to deal with it and to be honest, we’re pretty good at finding ways to have fun no matter what. Our first suggestion to make things easier this season: Get your hands on some MFI facemask compatible ANON goggles!

If you didn’t know already, the face cover will become mandatory in all ski resorts in Quebec and will have to be worn everywhere on the mountain where physical distancing isn’t possible. That means inside the chalet (if allowed), during the chairlift ride, in queues, etc. So yeah… you WILL need a mask at the mountain this Winter.

The good news is that regular seasonal face covers will be tolerated by your local ski resorts. Since you don’t have to ride with a N95 or a blue surgical mask, might as well get one that has been created exclusively for snowboarding! In that department, Anon has the best face cover/goggle technology on the market, the Magnetic Facemask Integration system (MFI).

Anon has been making googles, facemasks and helmets for years and we could safely say that their magnetic integration system is one of the brand’s signature trademarks. Aside from being super comfortable, breathable, anti-fog and able to act as a covid face cover, the MFI mask is the easiest thing to put on or to remove; ideal for our new on-mountain realities. If you’ve been thinking about trying some ANON goggles, the MFI facemasks integration system alone should definitely convince you to go for a pair this Winter.


The MFI technology (Magnetic Face Mask Integration) uses magnetic connection to quickly clip your face mask to your goggles without obstructing ventilation for a gapless setup that seals out the elements while keeping your face protected and warm. To be more precise, Anon goggles have four magnets on the outside of the lower frame that interact with a small (also magnetized) frame integrated into the facemask to allow you to take it on an of in a matter of seconds and without even using your gloves.

This will come in handy this year, especially when it’s too hot to wear a face cover at all times. You’ll be able to easily take it off when you can distance physically from others, but will be able to put it back on just as quickly and not lose precious snowboarding time because you need to figure out your face cover situation every time you hit the chair lift.


More than making your life on the mountain easier with the new restrictions, it appears that using the integrated MFI mask also helps avoid fogging. hyper breathable fabrics and design of all MFI masks ensure proper evacuation of hot air away from the inside of your goggles. Less time complaining about fogged lenses, more time shredding!

Keeping the fog away while waiting at the chairlift with your mouth and nose completely covered by a regular neck warmer is something that can be hard as in order to fully cover your face, you will need to keep your face cover under your goggles, allowing air to flow into them and creating fog. Thanks to Anon’s MFI technology, we will be able to respect restrictions without any worries or concerns.

A few of our favorites

The M4

The fanciest & most notorious Anon model, the M4 goggle features MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change technology with 14 magnets (5 more than other models!) ensuring a satisfying and reliable lens changing experience. It also has the largest field of vision of them all, comes with a high contrast PERCEIVE spare lens and a heavyweight ultra-technical MFI face mask. Furthermore, the M4 frame is the only one on the market that can accommodate both cylindrical and toric (spherical) lenses – for all you product geeks out there, the M4 has all the bells and whistles you could wish for.

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The M3 MFI Goggle

The Anon M3 Goggles feature MAGNA-TECH® quick lens change technology, using powerful magnets to make lens changes easier than ever. A low-profile cylindrical lens offers a wide field of view, while terrain-defining PERCEIVE optics enhance contrast for a clear read on every feature, no matter the light. Full-perimeter vents plus moisture-wicking face foam provide fog-free clarity to anticipate every turn. They are MFI® compatible for seamless face mask coverage and over the glasses compatible for wear with eyeglasses.

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The WM3 MFI Goggle

Anon’s newest womens’ addition to the line, the WM3 was designed with Burton pro rider Anna Gasser to offer a high-end cylindrical, modern look for ladies with the widest field of vision possible. This is the Cadillac of womens’ models, also coming with a PERCEIVE high contrast spare lens and midweight MFI face mask. We absolutely love the look and functionality of this one!

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The Women Deringer MFI Goggle

This Women’s goggle is not only eye pleasing, but has a lot to offer on the technical side. The Anon Deringer goggle offers a sleek profile with an oversized field of view. It features Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI®) that seals the included Anon MFI facemask to the goggle in a snap. Women’s-specific design ensures the best possible fit and comfort. Cylindrical Lens Technology provides maximum field of vision, while SONAR lens technology by ZEISS enhances contrast for the best possible definition and terrain recognition. Full perimeter channel venting ensures maximum airflow for clear, fog-free vision in all conditions.

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The Youth Relapse MFI Goggle

Because your young ones will also need to take the face cover situation seriously, these could definitely make days at the mountain a lot easier for everyone in the family! High-contrast performance for kids with the added warmth and coverage of MFI compatibility.

The kids' Anon Relapse Jr. Goggles feature Anon’s exclusive magnetic face mask integration (MFI®) for seamless coverage from snow, wind, and sun when used with our compatible hoods and face masks. A cylindrical lens maximizes the field of view, while full-perimeter venting ensures maximum airflow for clear, fog-free clarity in all conditions. They are over the glass compatible for wearing with eyeglasses and include an MFI face mask and a microfiber bag for storage and lens cleaning.

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NEW THIS WINTER - The Anon MFI Pullover

The ultimate Anon accessory – a technical pullover that will keep you warm and dry, with an integrated lightweight removable MFI face mask compatible with kids, womens and mens Anon goggles, a special spare lens pocket and expanded sizing from XXS to XXXL so the whole family can benefit from this awesome layer seemingly designed for the Covid era.


Don’t wait until the last minute and treat yourself with a pair of MFI facemask compatible Anon goggles to tackle this unique snowboarding season like a beast. You will thank us later!