The transition between Summer, Fall and Winter in the province of Quebec is a period that can be described as unstable. A stretch of the year during which the weather can go from cold and windy to humid and rainy in less than 24 hours. The MTE collection from Vans is a line of shoes and outerwear that was designed exclusively to withstand the elements so you never have to worry about snow, rain, ice or anything the cold season throws at you anymore.

Because there’s not a more effective way to catch a bad cold in the Fall than to have gear that’s not adapted to the weather, thinking about what you need to wear before going outside for the day is very important. Especially now in 2020, You definitely want to stay healthy and comfy. Thanks to the good people at Vans, going from one type of weather to another smoothly is why the MTE collection exists. Here’s a few examples of how Vans MTE could help you in tougher weather situations.



Just like rainy days, cold and wind shouldn’t be a reason to stay at home on the weekend. We know that the changes of temperature that we go through in Fall are often very drastic, but when you’re well equipped with the right gear, it’s really not a problem. 

Vans designed the MTE shoes line with warm internal liners to keep your feet comfortably wrapped during the colder autumn days. In addition, a heat retention layer stands between the outsole and insole of the shoes to keep the heat around your feet at all times. The outerwear collection is also created to resist the cold with wind resistant materials and a construction that also focuses on keeping the heat inside all while managing the humidity level. Hard to believe, but the cold November wind will almost become your friend with Vans MTE!


It’s Saturday morning, you’ve been working all week and you planned a day of hiking to relax. There’s just one problem: It’s pouring rain outside… No worries! The Vans MTE collection was created to never let the elements get in the way of your Fall projects.

Built with next level waterproof leather and suede, the Vans MTE shoes will allow you to never have wet feet during November’s rainy days. The clothes are just as waterproof as the shoes and are treated with a very effective water repellent so you never get wet. In any case, remember that rain or shine, there’s never a bad time to go play outside with Vans MTE.


Talking about Fall without mentioning those weird and unexpected sunny and warm days is like talking about poutine without mentioning the brown sauce. Those days don’t happen too often after October, but when they do, we blame ourselves for having already filled our wardrobes with Winter clothes only. With a MTE 360 ° moisture management system, you’ll never feel like it’s too hot in your shoes, but you’ll always be ready for that moment when it gets cold again.

As for the clothing, it’s the same thing! Vans MTE offers gear designed to make a smooth transition between all types of climates. MTE outerwear is designed to allow great breathing and airflow in warm weather and keep the heat inside in colder weathers.


The collection is also designed to resist snow in Fall. When there’s not enough to go snowboarding or wear your big winter boots, but just enough to need shoes and clothes that a tougher and warmer than your usual summer gear.


The SK8-Hi MTE 2.0 DX

Brave the elements with an improved MTE 360™ technology featuring water-resistant leather and suede uppers, warm linings, and a heat retention layer that provides warmth and moisture management around your toes. The Sk8-Hi MTE 2.0 DX also introduces an UltraCush drop-in molded sockliner, Achilles cushion, rubber toe cap, tongue and heel pulls, and an all-new MTE 2.0 boot lug—all designed to take advantage of Vans' 20+ years of snowboard boot history for maximum traction.


The Ultrarange Exo Hi MTE Winter Shoes

A shoe that would not only stand up to the journey, but keep you comfortable in the most uncomfortable of situations. Armed with additions designed for the elements, the MTE UltraRange EXO Hi MTE features leather, textile, and synthetic uppers with MTE details, warm linings, and a revamped rubber toe and forefoot shape to provide an optimal fit without sacrificing Vans design DNA. In addition, Vans redesigned co-molded outsole with a reverse lug waffle pattern is built to maximize rubber coverage, grip, and durability while maintaining lightweight versatility, and the all-new, full-length UltraCush Lite midsole combines featherweight comfort with complete support.


Outsmart the elements, shop our Vans MTE men’s and women’s selection in stores and online today! Happy weekend outside!