Backpacks, travel bags, hand bags or snowboard bags, Burton comes through with a wide range of bags to fit any adventures and lifestyles. The most beautiful thing about it is that all Burton bags are guaranteed for life!

Yes, you understood it good, Burton's bags are guaranteed for life. The lifetime warranty on all Burton bags and luggage reflects the quality and durability after 40 years of building and advancing their products. Go ahead, hit the road for any adventure with confidence, the Burton bags are simply designed to last. And if you are the unlucky one and your bag breaks, you can just send it back for a free repair, or even to get a new one.

Looking back in the past, the travelling snowboarders had a very limited choice when time came to find their bags and luggage. Most of the time, you would think they had borrowed them from their grandparents. It was around this time, about 40 years ago, that Burton entered the game with an infinite range of new colors, patterns, features and sizes for their different bags. And with the lifetime warranty on all luggage and bags, getting a Burton bag has quickly become an obvious choice for active people and still remains the same today.


Whether you're wandering on your skateboard in the city’s downtown, packing a picnic for a lunch at the park or packing up spare clothes for a weekend at the cottage, Burton backpacks are aesthetically superior, technically advanced and extremely durable. With the lifetime warranty, no need to worry about finding a new backpack every season. Use it, love it, keep it for several years.

Travel bags

As we mentioned earlier, the Burton travel bags do not look like the luggage borrowed from your grandparents when you first started traveling a few years ago. With a wide choice of models that will follow you through all your adventures, you can be certain that your travel bag will never give up on you while you’re on the road. And if it happens, you know what to do !

Lifetime warranty conditions

Burton will repair or replace any bag for the lifetime of the original owner (with proof of purchase) against manufacturer's defects. Return defective product to the store where you bought it or call Burton Rider Service at 1-800-881-3138. All warranty claims should be accompanied by an explanation and receipt. Damage due to normal wear and tear will be repaired at a reasonable charge.

The product’s lifetime depends on how well it’s taken care of and how much use it gets. Outdoor adventures can be rough on your gear and taking care of your equipment will increase the lifetime of the product. Check our Helpdesk for care instructions to help prolong the life of your gear.