Today marks the official release of Burton’s latest innovation: The Step On. One of the best things that happened to snowboarding in a long time. Some might still see it as a wild innovation, but in fact, The Step On system is very simple, good looking, fast, easy to use and offers just as much performance as the best strap in bindings out there. Real talk.


The big comeback

Step "Ins" bindings were introduced on the market for the first time more than 15 years ago. When it first appeared, the idea seemed good, but the product was not 100% functional. The new clip system gave snowboarders a chance to save a lot of time by not having to bend or sit in the snow to strap their bindings and their skier friends stopped waiting for them on top of the slopes. Unfortunately, in practice, the bindings weren’t that effective. The boots were heavy, while the system was not that safe, bound to break and difficult to handle.

It was only a decade later that Burton brought this binding idea back to life, but made it way better.

The phenomenon did not last long, It was only a decade later that but Burton brought this binding idea back to life, but made it way better. No more rigid metal plates and boots that are too stiff. Burton's Step On system, with its discreet 3-point connection system, is stylish, offers a natural feel, increased comfort and above all, a performance level worthy of the best bindings on the market. Without all the trouble!


At first glance, the Step On boots and bindings have a real neat look. Simple, classical and with a unique flavor. It goes without saying that you will need Step On boots in order to be able to enjoy the bindings. It’s a combo. Burton offers Step On versions of four of their most iconic models: The Photon and Ruler for men and the Limelight and Felix for women.

The only thing that will really change aesthetically is that instead of seeing straps over your feet during the ride, you will see your boots. Trust us, once you get used to this little detail, you won’t ever want to go back to your old bindings.


Comfort is one of the most important details about the Step On system. What's really nice about this new, innovative binding is that it does not compromise the comfort and feel offered by a usual strap binding setup.

Step Ons are also ideal for those who suffer from foot pain when their bindings are slightly tight. With the feeling of being ON the binding instead of in it will eliminate the pain due to the straps, without ever sacrificing the performance aspect You can tell yourself that compared to a regular binding, Step Ons will give you more chances to be on top of your comfort during the ride. Seriously!


Burton's Step On system has been tested in so many situations, from powerful impacts to intense vibrations to extreme twists, nothing is too heavy for it. Just get used a little and boom, you'll understand what we're talking about. When it comes to safety, do not waste time worrying about it. Despite the ease with which you can get in and out of the binding, you will always be well locked in and safe, guaranteed.

On the response aspect, the Step On’s just as good as any known boots and bindings system, even better. According to several experienced riders who have tried them, even the most expensive high-back rigid carbon bindings on the market doesn’t offer such a high level of response, particularly concerning the heel to toe weight transfer. It’s also good to know that the system facilitates the absorption of impacts, for much smoother landings.

How it works

All this is really nice and interesting, but how does it work exactly? From mounting the bindings on your board to the getting in and out technique through the custom fit and all the details that will make your life easier if, like us, you are seriously starting consider getting some Step On this winter.

We invite you to take a look at the following tutorial videos, because even if we wanted to, we couldn’t explain it as well as the ultimate snowboard masters at Burton.



Mount Your bindings


Adjusting Gas pedal


Adjusting Forward Lean


Getting in


Getting out


The cuff clip


The Leash


Using Boa™

Not convinced yet? Take a look at what pro riders and medias had to say about the Step On after trying them. Believe us, if the product is able to go beyond the expectations of the best snowboarders in the world, imagine what it will do for you.

See you on the slopes!