Last November,  a snowboard manufacturer with worldwide recognition known as Capita officially opened the Mothership; the most progressive and advanced snowboard factory in the world.

For more than 15 years, Capita has been recognized in the snowboard world as a brand made of passionate and creative people. This particular aspect is recognizable in Capita's vision and desire to overcome the limitations regarding design and conception in snowboarding.


The new Mothership is the most concrete example of that devotion to make the best snowboards in the world.


 The Mothership's main objective is simple, They want to build the best snowboards in the world.


And to create the best snowboards in the world, you need the best factory in the world. Located in the heart of the Alps, in Austria, the Mothership's location is not only strategic, but also eco-friendly and even spiritual.

For generations, the community of Feistritz A.D. Gail, in the state of Carinthia, Austria, has been practicing crafts and manufacturing of wooden articles for winter. To be settled in the heart of a long tradition of craftsmanship and to be able to offer jobs to the local community were some of the main goals of the Mothership, location wise.

A little bit of history

In March 2013, the Elan factory, that manufactures many snowboard brands including Capita, closes. With the snowboard market at it's lowest, the outlook is bad for the Austrian factory and it's 75 employees, but Capita saved the day by buying the whole factory. Crazy? No. This was a strategic move in order to be able to build the Mothership.

With new machines at the cutting edge of technology, experienced staff and a specific idea in mind, the most advanced and progressive factory within the snowboard world was born.

The Mothership is a new type of manufacture and is on top of modernity. Manufacturing processes are controlled electronically and use of resources is controlled perfectly. What is good about this initiative is Capita's willingness to demonstrate that snowboarding is still strong. If one applies to create products with an above the standards quality, we will be able to give life to this industry.

To complement the technological facilities of the snowboard manufacture, the Mothership even has a snowboard slope of a few hundred meters with chairlifts, so that visitors and riders can try and test Capita's prototypes right on the spot!

To fulfill the desire to create an eco-friendly snowboard factory, the Mothership is using the river flowing nearby to be fully hydraulically powered. And with a heating/cooling system using the latest geothermal technology, there is no CO2 emissions.

The building is almost completely enlightened by natural light, the rest is provided by LED ecological lights. Also, the inks used for the boards are water-based and the use of solvents has been minimized.

Last but not least, the materials used in the manufacture are 98% locally supplied  (50% in Austria, 16% in Germany, 15% in Slovenia, 14% in Switzerland, 3% in Italy), the remaining 2% coming from Asia.

To know everything about Capita and the Mothership, take a look at the video below.

See you on the slopes!