Double your snowboard life span with this simple trick

Double your snowboard life span with this simple trick

Storing our stuff according to the seasons is a reality for us Quebecers. Tires, clothes, sporting goods… Can you see us coming? Yes, your snowboard equipment must be stored too! Unlike many seasonal items that can be tossed in a wardrobe or thrown in a garage, your snowboard will require special attention before saying goodbye for the Summer.

Now that you’re at home and have time to do random things, you should put in some work into storing your boarding equipment properly. Just like in a relationship, the more lovin’ you give, the longer it will last. The best thing though is that unlike a real relationship, storing your board won’t take more than one hour of lovin’! Then you won’t hear about it for the whole Summer!

Photos: @ryanlebel

Step 1 : Clean the top sheet of your board

First of all, set yourself up comfortably. Lay a tablecloth or an old bed sheet on your dining table or kitchen counter and place your board on it. Even if you wiped your board after your last visit to the mountain, only a deep wash will allow you to remove all the particles of mud, salt, dust and all that accumulated on your board during the Winter. A soft cloth and water should be enough to clean it, you just need to make sure you scrubbed the whole surface. Avoid using detergents or similar products, as this could affect the finish of your board.

This is not mandatory, but if you want to get a full cleanup, then remove your bindings so you can scrub the whole thing. Clean with a damp cloth and be careful not to forget the sides of the board. Once you are done with the cloth, dry your board with a dry towel or paper towel. Make sure it is completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2 : The last tuning of the season

The base is the most sensitive part of your board and that’s why you need to take good care of it. Before letting your board sit for months, make sure you have maintained its base to prevent it from drying out. That mean wax it and tune the edges. If you have a tune up kit at home, well done! If you don't have one, we have everything you need on our online store. If you have your homemade way to tune your board, that’s perfect, but we believe that using products created for snowboarding is the best way to avoid mistakes and to keep your board in pristine conditions.

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Before waxing, clean the base of your board and dry it thoroughly. Apply a layer of wax on the base of your board by melting it with a hot iron, then spread the wax on the entire base. Unlike a seasonal tune up, your last waxing of the season DOES NOT INCLUDE SCRAPING OFF THE WAX. Let the wax dry and sit on the board’s base for the Summer, allowing for a great protection. You’ll be thankful when you scrape the wax off your board’s base next Winter as it will be in the same state as when you stored it a few months back: perfect and clean instead of dry and rough.

When it comes to your board’s edges, the important thing to remember is to make sure there’s no rust spots left on the metal before you store the board. Take a file designed for snowboarding and sharpen gently to remove all traces of rust. We recommend files specially designed for snowboarding to ensure a smooth and clean edge and above all, to limit the risk of damaging the metal. Since you won’t be riding the board, no need to tune up like a regular season. Basically, file your board’s edges to erase rust. 

Step 3 : Find the optimal storage

Once your board is well cleaned, your base is waxed and your edges are rust free, you need to find a location for your board. As simple as it sounds, there are several things you need know about storage location as well as the position of the board.

Let's start with the board bag. This is by far the best way to preserve your board. Not only does the board bag prevents the board from any accident, but it also blocks sunlight and dust, which can have a drastic effect on the color and durability of a board.

If you don't have a board bag, keep your board out of direct sunlight. Ideally, in a room where the temperature is not too hot or too cold. Last but not least, you need to make sure your board is positioned standing up as it helps to keep the board sturdiness over time.

Step 4 : Clean and store your Boots

Before storing your boots, remove the liners and clean them. Also clean the boots shell thoroughly. Make sure both the shells and liners are completely dry before putting them back together. Put the liners back into the boots once they are completely dry and tie your boots to help them keep their shape. It doesn't have to be as precise or tight as when you wear them, the point here is to avoid leaving the boots opened.

When it comes to storage, it's important to place your boots in a spot that’s not too damp, but also not too dry. It is best to store them in a room of the house where temperature and humidity is controlled. Basically, avoid keeping them in your garage or basement, so you get nice smelling, fresh looking boots at the start of next season.

Step 5 : Clean your bindings

Last but not least, the bindings! If you prefer to reinstall your bindings on your board, no problem. Make sure, however, that the screws holes and top sheet of the board have been thoroughly cleaned and have had time to dry. Once the bindings are reinstalled on the board, do not forget to attach the straps together before storing the board. (try to do the same throughout the season when your board is not in use).

If you have removed your bindings and prefer to leave them aside, make sure the screws are in a safe place! There is nothing worse than taking your board out early Winter and realizing that some screws are missing… To avoid that, put the screws a zip-lock bag and stick it on your board/bindings with tape or drop it inside your board bag. Again, make sure your bindings are thoroughly cleaned and dry before storing them for the summer!

Here ! You just added a few years to your snowboard’s life! See you and your crispy looking shred sticks on the slopes next Winter!