If you follow us on Instagram, you're probably already familiar with Ebonie Finley. As the first ambassador of the Empire blog’s travel section, Ebonie's goal is to take you on an adventure to the four corners of the world and to convince you that instain 2017, everyone can be a modern nomad. You just need to want it bad.


Before going into the details of her adventures, let us introduce you to the adventurer. Just so you can understand how she realized that she was a Modern Nomad.


Ladies and gentlemen, here’s Ebonie!

After living a conventional life with a regular 9 to 5 job Monday through Friday for several years, I finally decided to be honest with myself. I knew for a long time that this way of life was not mine. I then found my own tribe, the people with whom it was normal to leave a job to go on a trip. In my head, I called ourselves the Modern Nomads.

To my surprise, we are currently hundreds of thousands to choose travel as a way of life. The more I studied my research on the subject, the more I realized that it was in fact a phenomenon of society. Contrary to what most of our parents think, I believe that success is defined by our life experiences rather than the possession of material goods such as a house or a new car. There is of course nothing wrong with having a house and a nice car, but I knew it was not for me.

That's why I went on an adventure. I want to inspire people to come out of their preconceptions about travel and work. I want to show that life is not made to stay locked in an office all day and that it is possible to mix the adventure with work if you really want it. Life deserves to be lived 120% and for that, it is important to think outside the box, get away from the routine, my comfort zone. It's time to face the unknown.

My ultimate goal: To take you on my adventure to the four corners of the world, to make you meet other Modern Nomads like me, like you. I want to demonstrate all the different methods that can be used to achieve a perfect work-life balance. I want to show that it is possible and so much simpler than we think. No more excuses !

Follow my adventure in the new web series, Génération Nomade, broadcast by Nomad Junkies. Available on the Nomad Junkies Facebook from December 6th.

Stay tuned on our blog and social networks to follow Ebonie through the rest of her great adventure and let yourself be inspired by her audacity, her smile and her thirst for freedom!


Now, what is YOUR next destination?