Welcome to another edition our Empire Buyer’s Guide blog section, a simple and practical guide created by our snowboard experts to help you find THE perfect board to fulfill all your needs. Whatever your ride style, skills or budget, we have a board made for you! Guaranteed!

The process of buying a new snowboard sure is a little more serious than buying a simple sweater. Reason why we decided to create this article. Whether you are shopping for different models before you go to the store to pick the winner, evaluating the technical points of our favorite boards to get inspired or simply to stop your choice on a model and have it delivered straight to your door, this article will help you to stop your choice on the board you are really looking for.

When it comes to shopping for a new shred stick, we can guarantee you’ll never get better advice than the one from our expert snowboard staff. Scholars in the snow business, our staff knows what you need. Maybe even better than you! Just kidding, but their experience in the field is deep and that’s why we decided to ask them to let us know what their early season’s favorite snowboard for men were.

To discover our staff’s favorite boards of the moment, keep reading!


It’s often said that the man makes the snowboarder and not the board. Well, not with this one! Three times winner of the Transworld Good Wood Award, no board has spent as much time in the park and the street as the Ultrafear, favorite of the Capita snowboard team. Featuring a durable and environmentally friendly construction, the Ultrafear has Kevlar / Titanium “armor” and a cork edge system made to resist abrasion from rails and street terrain. Allowing you to abuse this board while limiting the damages to a minimum.

Its zero camber design provides a predictable, skateboard-like feel, allowing for increased power as well as one the most solid ollies in the biz, coveted by the world’s greatest park riders. With its high-speed Superdrive ™ Base and P2 Superlight Core ™, the Ultrafear is one of the world’s best jib and park boards, but can also be molded to any other snowboard styles like champion.


Building on the success and popularity of the original Warpig, Ride’s Twinpig snowboard can be considered the younger brother of the Warpig. The youngest “snowpark rat” of the family, but who already knows better jumper, slider and shredder than all the others!

The Twinpig uses an asymmetric construction, providing a wider stance on a board that’s a little shorter than a traditional one. For those who like to handle their shred stick like a ninja. With an easy-to-handle flex, heavy duty and edgecut safe steel Cleave Edge® and durable Roll-In Slimewall®, don’t be surprised if you see the Twinpig dominate the world’s snowparks for the winters to come!


Described as a “killer quiver” by none other than Bryan Iguchi himself, the Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber board offers everything you need for the long days of carving, slashing, and floating in the backcountry’s powder. Approved by one of the top backcountry riders in the world, it’s very hard to go wrong with this All Mountain board. Actually, it’s impossible.

Its camber system offers an energetic and lively ride with a feeling of power and is combined with a non-symmetrical shape and a rigid flex for a dynamic board inspiring total confidence in the most rigorous conditions and terrains. This board is made for intermediate to experienced riders who want to perform at a professional level in the freeride department.


Go down the mountain as if you were in the park and ride the park as if it were on the mountain with this new ultra versatile member of the Burton Family Tree. The StunGun features an arsenal of features that will appeal to all freeride enthusiasts. From the extreme backcountry shredding to the occasional visit to the mountain. it’s Vivid flexibility and aggressive shape make this one a must. There’s a reason why this board is loved by the world’s greatest freeride ‘boarders.

Its balanced geometry is perfect for big snow slashing, but is combined with a directional camber making it able to work in various terrains. The Stungun’s Directional Flex allows a stiffer board at the back for more pop, but smoother at the front for unmatched control. The best part of all this is that the board comes with a 3 year warranty. All in all, this board is a true 100% sure investment.


Originally conceived as a park and slopestyle board, the TRS has become THE board of choice for progressive riders who like to go from the snowpark to the resort’s slopes all the way through the occasional backcountry’s powder. The board has a long history of victories in all kinds of snowboarding competitions, proving the incredible versatility of the TRS C2X.

With its rocker camber, Libtech’s TRS HP C2X will give you greater control and accuracy on the snow. Its medium flex is just stiff enough to allow you aggressive response, but smooth enough to be easily handled. Among its many other features, this board features serrated Magne-Traction® edges, allowing you to easily move from one terrain to another all while turning the harsh ice that’s on the slope into mellow powdery snow.


A true slope killer, the Maverick was designed with the E-Tech II construction to meet the daily needs of Endeavor team members, who are looking for the ability to ride at ski resorts in the morning and back country in the afternoon. This board IS the definition of All Mountain.

With its reverse camber, a directional shape and a sintered base, this board is your best bet to be able to adapt to changes of terrain with the quickness. Its smooth medium flex allows for more control while 3 layers of fibreglass extending in different directions come to solidify the flex by making the board a dab stiffer and more responsive. The best of both worlds! The Tri-Axial system also adds a high torsional stiffness to the board, giving it greater precision and power for unparalleled stability and versatility. There’s a reason why this board is in the All Mountain category: It is made for ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAINS.

Maximize your fun on the slopes with equipment that perfectly fits to your needs, down to the last detail!