Last Wednesday December 7th was the date of the official opening party for the brand new Empire downtown boutique. Free beer, food and beautiful people everywhere, it was another successful evening signed by Empire.

As we've already mentioned in a previous article, The downtown Empire store reopened a brand new and improved location. But what is a store opening without an official celebration? Thanks to the store's big family and to our good friends over at Vans for allowing us to throw a quality party in order to celebrate this important milestone in Empire’s history.


As soon as we arrived at the new Empire downtown location, we could see that the evening was going to be exclusive. Red carpet and guest list were planned for the occasion. Outside the modern looking store, guests were ready to experience what was going to be a memorable and fun packed night.

Once inside, we could finally witness how big the new shop is. In addition to being ultra-modern, the place is just enormous. Filled with products from all of our favorite brands, guests could see how crazy and bold the new shop really is.

To kick off the night, we had a bunch of pairs of Vans shoes to give away to the first 25 guests who showed up at the party. It goes without saying that a waiting line rapidly formed out front, before we even unlocked the doors. It was a little cold to wait outside, but after seeing the smiles on our guests faces while choosing their new pair of Vans, we could see that it was worth the wait.

Although it's Christmas soon and the availability of various products right in front of us was very tempting, it was not time to shop, but to celebrate Empire's new victory. First of all, a short visit to the bar to get a free refreshment. Wine or beer, the Empire and Vans crews had everything lined up to make sure no one would be thirsty!

With alcoholic beverages in hands and smiles on their faces, our guests walked through the new shop while chatting with their friends. The atmosphere quickly became festive as groups of friends began to enjoy the Vans photobooth that was on site for the occasion. To keep a souvenir of this memorable evening, the guests even had the chance to leave with their picture right on the spot.


Just like every social evening signed by Empire, a catering service was on site to distribute delicious food to the guests, thanks to Le Kitchen. Among the goods, gourmet hot dogs, burgers and appetizers of all kinds as well as brownies, which were really, really bomb.

Because there is no better thing than a little food break between two sips of beer!

To add the cherry on the sundae, we had Flores Brothers on the turntables to make us vibrate to the sound of his eclectic mix. Once again, we managed to organize a memorable evening, perfect to put some spices in your week. A big thank you to Vans for allowing us to throw this official opening party for our brand new Empire downtown store.

Hope to see you at our new store soon!

(To see all the pictures of the party, take a look at the photo gallery below)