Most of the time, we talk about the Montreal area when we make skatepark reviews, but trust us, there are good parks all over the province! In fact, Quebec City has one of the most beautiful Skate plaza of the province and we had to go visit it to test it's various obstacles.

Believe us, we were not disappointed!


When you arrive at the Plaza, easily accessible from the freeway, you immediately notice the full bowl! Very sick! Parks with full bowls with pool coping and diversified features are really rare in Quebec and if you like to skate transitions, the bowl alone is worth the trip.

Fortunately, the street course is also well worth the trip. It's big, visually beautiful, there are trees all around it, the obstacles are sick, though a little close to each other, and most importantly, the vibe is always good! One thing is certain, beginner or advanced, this park is worth a visit.

To find out more about Quebec City Skate Plaza and to get ready for your next visit, read on!

The street course

The street course of the Quebec City Plaza really has all the obstacles that a skatepark needs. Rails of all sizes, ledges, manual pads, flat gap, hips, ledge to bank, bank to ledge and more. In short, no time to be bored if you are a true street skating lover. Obstacles that go from small to big are ideal for improving your progression. Because there is nothing better than to learn a trick on a small obstacle and take it to a bigger one once the trick is mastered!

All in all, the Québec Plaza's street course is one of the best one we have ever visited. One small thing, although there is some flow, several obstacles do not really connect with others. That being said, after understanding the lines of the park, you will be able to find combinations of obstacles that will allow you to move from one to another without much problem.

The transitions

Even if the park in lacks a few transitions around the street course, the bowl alone comes to solve the problem! No kidding, the Quebec Skate Plaza's bowl is one of the best we've seen! With its different sections going from smaller transitions to a deep end with pool coping, everyone can get his fix!

More precisely, the bowl has a spine separating the small and medium sections, corner pockets of different sizes, two sections with pool coping including a deep end that could easily compete with some of the best skateparks in the world. A craddle that only the most advanced skateboarders will touch and much more more.

Believe us, if you like transition skating, you will have fun at the Quebec Plaza. Guaranteed!

The flow

Even if the Quebec Skate Plaza's flow is the one detail that lacks in the park, it doesn't mean that there is not any flow. It's only a little more difficult to find the lines going from one obstacle to another. The lack of transitions in the park and the high number of obstacles in a small space also gives another difficulty regarding the flow.

That being said, it is absolutely possible to find several lines worthy of being skated when you start from the high parts of the park and roll towards the lower sections. The secret, do not be discouraged and take the time to tame the park to find sequences that you will like to skate.

All in all, the Quebec Skate Plaza's flow is not so much a problem, but a challenge!