Empire Skate team

Empire Skate team

Empire had a lot of different teams over the last 20 years and no matter the era, our squads were always pretty elite. Well, that sure didn’t change in 2019. Our actual team is probably the best we ever got. The mix of different skate styles, age groups and personalities bring an awesome, yet weird chemistry to the table, an energy that forces you to remember what a skate team is really about.

To put it simply, our guys are the best and we’re happy to be in a position where we can help them out a bit and make sure they have what they need so they can keep doing their thing. Because they do it so damn well!

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Empire Skate team.

Photos: @danmathieu / @ryanlebel


Age: 36 Sponsors: Empire, éS (Timebomb), Furn, Receptra Naturals, Ils en fument du bon, Lacorda Threads, Undz, Quetzal kombucha, Fratello. Years on the board: 20+ Years on Empire: Around 10 years Setup: REAL board 8.25, MOB grip, Independent 144, Fratello Hardware, Spitfire F4 52mm and Bronson Bearings. Favorite skateboarder: Right now it’s Sascha Daley. Hobbies: Walking and exploring. Favorite terrain: Rails. Best thing in life: Being Sober.



Age: 27 Sponsors: Empire. Hometown: Saint-Hubert, Longueuil, QC. Years on the board: 20 Years on Empire: 13 Setup: 8.125 Empire board, 148 Thunder lights, Bronson bearings, 54 mm 101 duro Spitfire Wheels Formula Four. Favorite Skateboarder: Too many but Brian Wenning, Stevie Williams and Josh Kalis inspired me the most when I was younger. Hobbies: Biking. Favorite terrain: Ledges. Best things in life: Friends and family.

Étienne Dumais


Age: 25 Sponsors: Studio, Brixton, HUF, Empire, Stance, Spitfire, Thunder Hometown:  New Glasgow, Nova Scotia Years on the board:  15 Years on Empire:  5 Setup:  8.25 board, 149 trucks, 52mm wheels, Swiss bearings Favorite Skateboarder:  Dave Chappelle Hobbies:  Cooking, drawing, music Favorite terrain:  Ledges Best things in life: Coffee, food, traveling

Zander Mitchell


Age: 25 Sponsors: Sk8mafia, DC Shoes, Stance (Timebomb), Empire Hometown: Sutton Years skating: 15 Years on Empire: 1 Setup: Classic Grip, Sk8mafia 8.5, Indy Trucks, Bones Reds, Spitfire Wheels 53. Favorite skateboarders: Stevie Williams, Rob Weslh, Bryan Herman, Javier Sarmiento Hobbies: Skating, traveling, learning Favorite terrain: Streets Best things in life: Freedom & happiness

Gab Galipeau


Age: 24 Sponsors: Empire, Adidas, Primitive, Mehrathon Hometown: Summerside, Prince Edward Island Years skating: 10 Years on Empire: 3 Set up: Primitive 8.25, Indy 144s, Spitfire Lock-Ins 53mm, Bronson Dry Favorite skateboarders: Miles Silvas Hobbies: Woodworking Favorite terrain: Streets Best things in life: Relaxing any place that’s beautiful and stress free!

Cody Cormier


Age: 23 Sponsors: Empire, Vans, Chrystie, Grand Trading Distribution Hometown:  Lunenburg, Nova Scotia Years on the board:  around 15-16 I’d say. Years on Empire:  4 Setup:  Quasi 8.25, Indy 149’s, 53mm Bones, RX Bearings Favorite Skateboarder:  Right now it’s Ian Clelland Hobbies: Reading. Sometimes play hockey in the winter. Favorite terrain:  I’m enjoying transition a lot right now. Best things in life: Books. I wish I learned that sooner.

Johny Purcell


Age: 20 Sponsors: Studio, Empire and Adidas (flow) Hometown: Moncton, New-Brunswick Years skating: 13 years skating Years on Empire: 1 year on empire Setup: Studio 8.5, 148 high Thunder Lights, RX bearings and Spitfire Formula Fours 52 mm Favorite skateboarder: Lizard King Hobbies: Playing pool, poker, hanging out with the homies Favorite terrain: Sand Best things in life: Family, friends and great times

Fred Lanteigne


Age: 20 Sponsors: Empire, Ace Trucks, Mehrathon Trading, Vans, Ultimate Dist, Agence NBP, Powell peralta, Bones Wheels, Undz Hometown: Delson, MTL Years skating: 15 Years on Empire: 5 Setup: Powell deck 8.5, Bones Wheels 54 mm, Ace Trucks 55,Bones Bushing, Swiss bearings Favorite skateboarder: @8ballr Hobbies: Fortnite Favorite terrain: POOL Best things in life: Family and friends

Phil Dulude


Age: 26 Sponsors: Zero, Rvca, Straye, Bones, Independent, Undz, Empire Years on the board: 18 Years on Empire: 6 Setup: 8.25, 149’s, 54 mm Favorite skateboarder: My friends Hobbies: cycling, reading, veganism, yoga, life Favorite terrain: Transition skating Best things in life: Travelling with friends

JS Lapierre


Age: 36 Sponsors: Adidas, Studio, Empire, Dime, Yoni’s Falafel Hometown: Saint John, NB Years on the board: 20+ Years on the Empire: 8 years or so Setup: 8.25 Studio board,149 Thunders. 54 Spitfire Favorite skateboarder: McBride brothers Hobbies: Bike, travel, beer, festivals Favorite terrain: Banks Best things in life: Freedom and the feeling of a good kickflip.

Andrew McGraw


Age: 27 Sponsors: DC Shoes, Hotel Blue, Empire, Thunder, Spitfire Hometown: Saint-Hubert, Qc. Years on the board: Lost count after 2 years. Years on the Empire: On and off 5-6? Setup: 8,25 mellow b concave long nose and mob grip. Favorite skateboarder: @jeffwongsong Hobbies: Skateboarding Favorite terrain: Grass Best things in life: Water

Charles Deschamps


Age: 23 Sponsors: DC Shoes, Empire Hometown: Prince Edwards Island Years on the board: 10 Years on Empire: 3 Setup: 8.25, Indy149, Formula 4s, Bronson Dry Favorite Skateboarder: Bobby Worrest Hobbies: Photography and keeping productive Favorite terrain: Not transition Best things in life: The little things

Jake Cormier


Age: 30 Sponsors: Studio Skateboards, Vans (Ca), Dickies (Ca), Empire Hometown: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Years on the board: 16 Years on Empire: 4 Setup: Studio 8.25 ”, Thunder 149, Spitfire 53mm Favorite Skateboarder: Rick Howard Hobbies: Painting, Baseball, pool, bowling Favorite terrain: Flat ledge Best things in life: Joy

Kyle Macdonald


Age: 28 Sponsors: RVCA flow, Emerica flow, Krooked flow, Spitfire flow, Empire pro, RX bearings Hometown: Sainte-Therese, Qc Years on the board: Almost 20 Years on Empire: Half a year Setup: Krooked 151, Thunders, Spitfire, RX bearings Favorite Skateboarder: Gou Myagi Hobbies: Reading, playing music, snowboarding, mountain hiking, travelling. Favorite terrain: Waterslides. Best things in life: Everything about life

Alexis Lacroix


Age: 28 Sponsors: Empire Hometown: Laval Years on the board: 17 years skating Years on Empire: 13 years on Empire Setup: Birdhouse deck 8’’ Indy 149, Bones 52mm, Swiss bearings Fav skateboarder: Cory Juneau... he makes pros look bad Hobbies: Teaching skateboarding, buying stuff on Kijiji Favorite terrain: Skateparks in Hawaii Best things in life: Girlfriend, friends and family

Francis Gagnon