More than half a million dollars has been invested by the city of Granby to renovate its skatepark. Let us tell you that they really gave it a full makeover!

Welcome to our first Park Review blog post of the season! As you've probably guessed, we're heading to the Eastern Townships to try out Granby's new skatepark!

It’s really nice to hear that a city that builds or renovates its skatepark in 2023 is just “following the parade”. When you think that not even 5-6 years ago, Quebec didn't have good skateparks, it's crazy to see that only a few years later, quality facilities are sprouting up in the 4 corners of the province.

It's even nicer to hear that all these skateparks are now built and designed by skateboarders. To understand angles, speed, and everything that makes a park functional, there is no choice for cities but to do business with real skaters. Granby got it.

As for the renovation of the Granby park, the design was made by of our good friends at Papillon Skateparks. It was the talented guys at Rick Design who then undertook the construction. A fire duo for a fire skatepark.

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Getting to the Granby skatepark couldn't be easier. Located a few blocks from the main road, you will have no trouble finding the place. Not to mention the abundance of parking spots! Around the park, you'll find restaurants, convenience stores and everything you need to refuel on energy and hydration during your session. For the exact location, refer to the map below.


Even if it is not considered a new construction in its own right, we can say that the Granby park has been completely remodeled, with the exception of a few obstacles, which have been preserved. Among other things, the mini-ramp and the concrete manual pad, around which they have built a park that everybody will have fun using.

Just look at images of the old park and the new one to understand the extent of the renovations. First of all, it is easy to notice that the asphalt floor of the old park has been replaced by smooth concrete. A concrete surface is much better than asphalt both in terms of fluidity in the park and for durability.


On this new smooth concrete platform are a bunch of new obstacles that will allow all skill levels to have fun, but above all to progress on their board.

Transition enthusiasts will be delighted by the multiple ramps accessible on the site. Corner pockets, large banks, speed bumps and a spine placed on the side of the central pyramid which leaves a lot of room for creativity.

Not to mention the classic Granby park mini-ramp, which has kept its place among the park's new obstacles for a good reason. With its smooth shape and respectable height, the ramp is perfect for learning new tricks and honing your transition skills.

Street skaters will also be hyped on this one. In terms of street obstacles, the Granby park has enough things to never get bored. Even if the park is quite small, there are enough options and diversity for you to need several sessions to try everything out.

The central obstacle is the main point of the street section, but is accompanied by other obstacles scattered throughout the park such as a flat rail and a flat ledge. To continue in line with the preservation of the good obstacles of the previous park, they also left the old manual pad, which is simple, but effective. At the end of the park, a double set and a down rail for advanced skill levels.

On the central street section, there is everything you need to have fun for hours. On one side of the platform, a fairly accessible down ledge and a bump over a small hydrant, reminiscent of street obstacles. On the other side, a fairly smooth down/top rail that's ideal for learning new tricks. The edges of the main feature are also equipped with an angle iron allowing you to use it as a flat ledge. Part of it is even curved and really fun to skate.

We encourage you to go there and test it out for yourself. In our opinion, it is definitely worth it!

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