Follow us in the Quebec region as we venture to the new Parc Chauveau Skatepark for another installment of our Park Reviews blog section.

The new Chauveau Parc skatepark, located in the beautiful Quebec City region, has everything a skater needs to have fun, but unlike most skateparks in the province, this one is a thrilling oasis for transition skateboarders. Being one of the very few skateparks in Quebec that have a real bowl, we understand why there’s so much excitement around the Parc Chauveau Skatepark.

Once again, this park confirms that when a city hires skateboarders to built their skateparks, the outcome is always great. Sleek design & smooth concrete; another masterpiece by the Papillon Skateparks Crew.

Keep scrolling to delve into the park's layout, facilities, and overall experience.


Getting to the Chauveau Parc Skatepark is easy by car and public transportations. The park is close to restaurants and convenience stores, has ample parking space and from what we’ve experienced, is rarely too crowded. Planning on visiting the Skatepark in the near future? Check out the map below:


Blog regulars know we always start reviews with skateparks street sections, but this time, we chose to do the opposite. After all, the main feature of this park is its bowl, so let’s talk about it!

The region of Quebec has another legit bowl and it is an absolute gem for transition skaters. It boasts a well-crafted and challenging design that caters to skateboarders looking to test their skills all while opening doors to work on their creativity. The smooth transitions and perfect concrete ground of the bowl allow for seamless flow while the pool coping in certain areas gives you that satisfying grind sound and feeling.

On the technical level, the bowl features two different levels, with a deep end that’s quite challenging. Both sections of the bowl are separated by a speed bump that’s laying in the middle of the flat bottom. Among the bowl's features, a truly unique "love seat" that will surely challenge your skills & creativity and last but not least, a perfect extension to take your transition skills up a notch. It's definitely a must-visit for bowl enthusiasts.

As for other transitions in the park, the layout is very simple. A nice and wide quarter pipe on one side and a 2-sided bank on the other. Note that the quarter pipe features an original rainbow shaped extension. Perfect to learn tricks before taking them to the bowl or to get speed in order to hit the street obstacles. There is also a small 1/4 pipe at the beginning of the park to give you speed to hit the down rail section of the street park. 


The Street section of the park features a well-designed layout with a variety of obstacles suitable for all skill levels. Rails, ledges, hubbas, banks, etc. The park's street course has everything you need to have fun while stepping your game up. The Chauvin Park’s street section, although relatively small, is built smartly enough to allow multiple riders to use the park simultaneously without feeling crowded. The street section is a bit limited in terms of options, but truly has all the essential obstacles covered. Another proof that the quantity of obstacles isn't what's important here, quality is. 

Among the street obstacles, you’ll find your classic flat ledge and rail, a must in any park. There’s also a perfect down rail/top rail combo beside the bowl. In the middle of the park, you’ll find a nice a-frame obstacle with a down rail and ledge that can be used as a manual pad.

Another cool feature of this awesome park is its tight brick bank, giving you that nice street bricks feeling and allowing you to get creative on the park’s simple design.

Even if pretty small, the parc Chauveau Skatepark is definitely a must visit this Summer, especially if you enjoy bowl skating! Need a freshie before visiting this gem? Gear up at the link below!