It’s crazy to think that five years ago, getting a good skatepark in the province was something we could only dream about. It’s such a good feeling to see that now, there’s dozens of new concrete parks popping in an around the city every year! The Town Mount Royal park is one of them and you absolutely need to go try it!

Montreal’s TMR neighborhood invested a lot of efforts and dollars into its new skatepark, resulting in one of the best places to skate in the area. The ground is super smooth, the layout of the park is nicely done and above all, it’s right there in the beautiful city of Montreal.

The park is situated in the middle of Park Danyluk in Town Mont Royal and is surrounded by trees and sports fields. The vibes are super relaxed over there as the place is very smooth, but don’t forget to bring some snacks and beverages to the park as there’s no stores around. The Park is also easy to access by car and public transportations. A short 15-20 minutes drive from Montreal’s downtown and you’ll be skating the glorious TMR Park concrete. We definitely recommend you hit this park as soon as you can.


The TMR Skatepark’s new street section is very sick and has a lot of different options to explore all while being very simple and intuitive. The layout is easy to understand as the lines were designed so people don’t cut each other while riding the park. The place is set up like a square, with different features on every corner and in the middle, a nice and short bank that offers endless possibilities.

On one side of the park, you have your usual flat street section where you can drop down a small bank, skate a medium sized flat ledge or flat rail, then hit a diamond shaped bank and come back on the same obstacles to add tricks to your lines. Right next to the starting bank you’ll find a small volcano feature where you can get creative or move on to the other areas in the park. The ground is smooth and the obstacles aren’t too big, making it easy to have fun no matter your skill level. This section also includes a tight bank over a small manual pad.

On the other side of the park, you’ll find the big section, which is not even that big apart from the down rail, double set and big hubba, where the gnarly skaters will definitely get their kicks. Right before the big rail and hubba, you’ll find a platform with flat ledges and a mini hubba down stairs to practice tricks on. Last but not least, the last corner of the park has one of the best features one can find in a place like this: a flat ledge into bank. Situated right next to a smaller down rail, this feature is one of the funnest we’ve skated in a while.

As you can see, the TMR park street course is pretty simple, but that makes it one of the best around as you will never need to think too much in order to have fun in it. The possibilities are huge, but not as infinite as some other parks we’ve seen, making it super easy to understand.


The transition section at the Town Mont Royal Park isn’t the most diverse, but there’s enough of it to please those in search of a good quarter pipe. On the bottom section of the park, you’ll find a long quarter pipe with a nice hip in its corner. That feature is pretty sick as you can do tricks on the hip like usual, but you can also skate the long QP over it. This feature is a bit more difficult to hit, but super fun nonetheless. The quarter pipe is smooth and not too steep, making it fun to skate for all skills level.

Another cool aspect of this park transition wise is the mini-volcano mentioned earlier, which is super fun to shred itself, but is also ideal to redirect yourself in the park and choose your next destination. For real, there’s nothing better to warm up than a nice and small volcano. This one is actually very fun to skate and will get your blood flowing in no time. As mentioned earlier, the middle area of the park is made of a tight bank where you can learn a bunch of new tricks without experiencing much impact.


That might be the best thing about the TMR park! The flow there is so easy and well-designed that this detail alone will make you want to go there more than once. Designed on a square field with obstacles on each corner, there’s no middle section where lines cut other lines. That’s perfect if you’re looking to learn how to skate without getting ran over by more experienced riders who tend to go faster in the park.

Lines that cut others can make it a bit scary for a kid who’s trying to learn how to skate as it’s a bit harder to see how to flow through the park, but this one is so easy to figure out that even the brand new riders will know how to use it properly.

Another good thing about the flow is that each corner of the place has something to keep your rolling. You have a small bank on one corner, a weird triangle bank on the opposite side and a long quarter pipe that takes most of the other side of the park. All these features will be making it easy to flow from one side to the other with speed.