Welcome to 2022’s first Winter edition of our “Park Review” blog section. This week, we're heading to the slopes of Bromont Montagne d'Expérience to experience their legendary Brossard and Candiac snowparks.

Today’s snowparks really have nothing to do with those of the past. The obstacles are perfectly designed and are much more diversified than before, with a particular emphasis on rails, ledges and other “jib” type obstacles.

Major shout out to our friends at TODAY'S PARKS for pushing Quebec to the next level when it comes to the quality of our snowparks. Bromont is obviously one of their finest piece of work and one of the best places to practice slopestyle snowboarding in Quebec, period.

Bromont has 6 snowparks for all levels scattered across the mountain. The choice of obstacles and jumps is huge and you will certainly not have enough of a visit to experience everything. Among Bromont’s parks, we will look at the two largest, most diversified and important in the mountain: the Brossard park and the Candiac parks.

Keep scrolling for an overview of the fun that awaits you at Bromont, Montagne d’Expérience.

Brossard Snowpark

The Brossard snowpark, annexed to the Candiac snowpark, is the first park you’ll see after getting off the chairlift and is accessible by the Bromont slope. If you combine Brossard with the Candiac Park, located just a little lower, there is a total of more than 700 meters of jumps and Jib obtacles suitable for intermediate and advanced snowboarders. Together, the Brossard and Candiac snowparks are definitely the largest park area in the region.

As mentioned, the Brossard park is right before the Candiac park and begins at the junction of the Brossard and Bromont slopes with the 3 biggest jumps in the resort. Despite the fact that they are considered “big airs”, Brossard park’s jumps are so smooth and well built that they are quite smooth despite their 20-30 feet length. While jumps are increasingly rare in ski resorts, the Brossard park in Bromont will fulfill your needs if what you like to do is to catch some air.

To balance with the three jumps at the start of Brossard Park, the big air line is followed by 3 rails including a down mailbox, a long bench with backrest and a trapeze-shaped mailbox. Perfect for a smooth transition between the jumps at Parc Brossard and the rails at Parc Candiac. The cool thing about Brossard Park is that it is immediately followed by the Candiac Park, one of the most diverse rail parks in the province.

Candiac Snow Park

As mentioned previously, the Candiac park is an extension of the Bromont park, but is considered a totally different park as the jumps are replaced by jibbing obstacles in the famous "rail garden". If you like to shred on rails and boxes, then there’s no doubt that the Candiac Park will get you stoked. The obstacles are disposed in two lines and are very well built, plus and the hill isn’t too steep, making it easy to control your speed or to hike up to retry tricks on particular obstacles.

The Candiac park counts a total of 17 obstacles, including two jumps for good measure. On the rails level, a huge variety is on the menu. With its multiple boxes and rails of all sizes, shapes and levels of difficulty, it will be easy for you to push your progression forward at Candiac park. The park is separated into two parts, the top and the bottom. Let’s get into it!

Candiac Top Park

The Candiac top park is located just after Brossard park and this part is really focused on the rails. In the Candiac top park, you will find a variety of more classic Jib obstacles such as flat rails/ledges, rainbow rails, down flat downs and more. Perfect to get ready for the unique obstacle in the low part of the park.

In terms of elevation and steepness, the Candiac top park is quite smooth and will allow you to manage speed and board control before jumping on a rail or a box. The kickers before every obstacles are extra smooth and provide a crispy pop. The rails are not too high, but also not too low, so improving your skills while having fun is a much easier task.

Candiac Bottom Park

What is really interesting about the Candiac park is that it extends over a long distance and offers two distinct parts, the top and the bottom. The bottom section of the Candiac park is a very organic progression of the top part as it offers another “rail garden”, but this time with obstacles that are much more technical and creative.

Among the Jib obstacles at the Candiac Bottom park, you will find double rails to transfer from one to the other, walls to slide on, S-shaped rails, kinked rails with strange shapes, Stairs rails and more. Perfect for taking the tricks you learned in the Brossard and Candiac Top parks to another level. After all this, you’ll pretty much find yourself at the bottom of the slopes. Get on that chairlift and do it again!

If you like a good snowpark, we strongly advise you to go to Bromont and see for yourself! You won’t be disappointed. See you at the park!