To properly highlight another Instagram Takeover day by none other than our team rider Charles Deschamps, here is, ladies and gentlemen, the video retrospective of a true skateboard maniac.


With his brand new DC x Empire video part presented by Thrasher Magazine and the release of his signature colorway for the DC Council, there has been a lot of talk about Charles Deschamps lately, and it’s far from over. The guy is an absolute machine. With a long history of media coverage, an endless bag of tricks and an always friendly and impeccable attitude, we are proud to count him among the members of our team.


While waiting for Charles to take control of our Instagram account later today, we decided to educate you a bit about the history of our beautiful skateboarding scene through some of his parts. Here are 4 video sections that will convince you, if you don’t already know, that Charles Deschamps is good at skateboarding, very good.


Filmed for the most part in Montreal, Toronto and Barcelona, ​​Slub Bucks is not Charles first video part, but this one really helped him get recognition on a larger scale in the Quebec, Canadian and even international skate industry. The skating in this part showed the world that Charles was a skater with a lot of potential. From giant rails to flip tricks on gaps to technical tricks and even transition skating, this all around part is still up to date today, more than five years after its release.



A slightly shorter section here, but filled with "hammers" and rare tricks. 1 minute 38 seconds of pure destruction filmed by Brian Shannon. Charles is a machine when it comes to producing quality footage and this edit proves it again with a ender that very few skaters are able to do : the big spin frontside lipslide. Take a look at the clip, it's really worth it.



This part is epic ! Filmed and edited by Bian Shannon for the Duluth video, this section came to remind the world that Charles worldwide skate spots destruction was still going full force. In this section, we can notice that Charles style is refining and his bag of tricks, getting deeper than ever. Speed, style, finesse and brutality, watch this one to get hyped to go skate.



Today, Charles can say he had a video section published on each of the two biggest media platforms in the skateboard industry : Thrasher and Transworld. This part for Transworld really came to solidify Charles position in the international scene with tricks that were on the same level as some of the world’s best skaters. Experimenting with wallrides of all kinds and mixing them with technical tricks, Charles demonstrated that through his skating, he could show a lot of creativity.


We hope you enjoyed Charles Deschamp’s video history. Feel free to take another look at his most recent Thrasher part and don’t hesitate to treat yourself with a fresh pair of his DC Council signature colorway shoe!