Epic Collabs : Vans x Antihero

Epic Collabs : Vans x Antihero

The title says a lot! Yes, two of the most timeless brands in the history of skateboarding have come together to offer shoes and clothing that you will definitely want to have in your wardrobe this Spring. That’s right! This is the newest Vans x Antihero collaboration, a line of shoes and clothing inspired by skateboarding icons Chris Pfanner, John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo and Geoff Grosso.


Vans and Antihero have a lot in common. They are two highly respected brands from California that both have a rich and deep history in skateboarding. Even more than sharing similar values and mutual respect, several Antihero team members are also on the Vans Pro Skate team. Cardiel, Pfanner, Grosso and Trujillo… A beast line up as they say. And it’s this legendary skateboard quartet that inspired the latest Vans x Antihero collection. Believe us, these guys have years and years of experience behind them, they know what a good skate shoe is, both technically and visually.

Available now in our stores and online, the Vans x Antihero range showcases the 4 legend’s favorite shoes and clothing styles to celebrate the pure spirit and undeniable legacy that these guys have left in the skateboarding community, just like the brands they skate for. The collection is unified by Antihero’s official mascot, the pigeon, found on all Vans x Antihero clothing pieces and on the insole of the shoes.

About Antihero

Always against the conventions and advocating an uncompromising lifestyle, Antihero is one of the most respected skateboard brands in the industry and has been since its inception. Founded in 1995 by skateboarder Julien Stranger, this brand from San Francisco has been walking its own path since its birth, without worrying about the rest. The Antihero team is also really interesting as it includes a mix of young modern shredders who can skate everything, solidified pros who paid their dues, veterans and even legends. With their timeless imagery, insane crew and deep, pure love for skateboarding, this brand is definitely legendary and will continue to be legendary forever.


The TNT Advanced Prototype

The TNT Advanced Prototype

The VANS x Antihero TNT Advanced Prototype is an ultra progressive skate shoe made of a suede upper and an original Vans Waffle outsole, which uses a special rubber offering a level of grip and support that only Vans can provide. Embellished with personalized Vans x Antihero visuals, the TNT Advanced Prototype is equipped with DURACAP rubber reinforcements, giving the shoe unrivaled durability without losing a bit of boardfeel.

With an UltraCush Lite 3D insole combining lightness and responsiveness with a molded heel, you will be able to huck without destroying your feet as the insole was created to allow next level impact absorption. The shoe was also designed with the Vans Pro Vulc Lite construction to provide a boardfeel, flexibility and grip that can’t really be found elsewhere.


The Sk8-Mid Pro

The Sk8-Mid Pro

The Sk8-Mid Pro from the Vans X Antihero collection is a mid style shoe inspired by the legendary Sk8-Hi, but with several added improvements, making it an incredibly powerful skate shoe. The Sk8-Mid Pro is made with a sturdy canvas and suede upper that also displays iconic Antihero visuals. The shoe has UltraCush HD insoles, keeping your foot close to your board while providing a super high level of impact absorption. All this, mounted on the best rubber sole ever, Vans’ original Waffle outsole.

The shoe is also built with the Vans Pro Vulc Lite construction, which includes rubber underlays at the abrasion zones, providing better reinforcement, flexion and traction as well as DURACAP rubber reinforcements for added durability. A shoe that you will be able to keep and skate for a long time.


Vans X ANTIHERO Clothing Line

In the clothing department, Vans and Antihero offer simple, streamlined graphic combinations on classic clothing pieces such as short-sleeves and long-sleeves t-shirts, hoodies and a trucker-style cap. To close the collection on a high note, the two epic brands have added a colorful plaid flannel shirt inspired by Cardiel, Pfanner, Grosso and Trujillo. The rugged worker style shirt is featuring an iconic Antihero pigeon embroidery and custom Vans x Antihero details on the labels.

Inspired by workwear, the collection’s pieces are robust and created to withstand the abuse that experienced skaters will make their gear go through. At the end of the day, if your t-shirt, hoodie of flannel is made to resist John Cardiel, Tony Trujillo, Jeff Grosso or Chris Pfanner’s skating, that means it must be strong!!

The best skate shoes from a brand as epic as Vans + The spirit and visuals of one of the most worshipped skateboard brands in the world = Visit us in stores or online quickly because it won’t last long!!