LESS A WEEK LEFT BEFORE AM GETTING PAID! And this one is definitely going to be one for the books! With the all new and official title of National Championship for Amateur Street skateboarding and the FIRST EVER Olympic qualifier sanctioned skate event in Canada, the addition of a women's division with a $20 000 cash prize, a variety of games and activities and goodies to win courtesy of our partners and last but not least, International level skateboarding! It's gonna be quite a show!  

Read on to take a look at what's waiting for you at Am Getting Paid 2018 and come join us at Taz Skatepark on September 27th - 29th for a free and totally unforgettable weekend! 

To register

Register online now to secure your spot for the Am Getting Paid 2018 qualifiers. If an unexpected event occurs and you can't participate, you will be reimbursed, no problem. Participating in the competition will not be possible if the riders list is full, so make sure to register before it's too late!




Thursday September 27th

12pm - 2pm: Women open practice and registration

2pm - 9pm: Open practice and registration

Friday September 28th

11am - 1pm: Open practice and registration

1pm - 2pm: Women's practice

2pm - 3pm: Qualifications Open Women

3pm - 6 pm: Qualifications Open Men 

7pm: Volcom Skate Kitchen projection outside Taz right after the qualifications

Saturday September 29th

10 am - 2 pm: open practice

2pm - 3:45pm: Semi-finals Men

3:45pm - 4pm: Women practice

4pm - 5pm: Finals - Women

5pm - 6pm: Finals - Men 

18h: Awards ceremony / Vans Best Trick at P45

22h: After-Party at Don B Comber 

The course

Visualization is the key to land tricks on your skateboard and to get prepared for a contest. For those who would like to have a taste of the incredible Taz Skatepark's course before actually skating it, take a look at the gallery below and get ready for your qualifying run!

Activations from our partners

Because Am Getting Paid is not only Canada's biggest skateboard competition and the National Amateur Street Skating Championship. The AGP weekend is like a huge and free three-day party filled with skateboarding and a bunch of other activities, surprises and fun for everyone. Between two skateboarding runs, walk through our partner's village to check out you favorite brands and enjoy their activities, games and free stuff all weekend! You can even get a free haircut if you want to! 

Here's a preview of all the activations that are waiting for you at AGP 2018:


Come screenprint your own graphic on a Volcom tote bag during their silkscreen workshop, in collaboration with Skate Kitchen.


Need a little haircut? Come see the Monster professional barbers, on site to trim your mop in style and for free!


Stance Socks went big with its own Wheel of Fortune game! Roll the wheel to pick a trick, do the trick, win pairs of the best socks in the game.


This year, we invite you to play darts on a huge Nixon watch! Aim for the targets as accurately as possible to earn Nixon prizes like t-shirts, caps, wallets and other accessories. In addition to that, there will be a popcorn machine on site!  

Precision needed! 


Recycling is in the spotlight this year with Element, which will revive your old boards by turning them into cruiser boards as part of their No Boards Left Behind activation. Trucks and template for cutting boards will be available on site.

Bring your old board!


For Am Getting Paid's 2018 edition, Vans went all in with games and challenges where you could easily win a lot of prizes. And that's not all! In addition to offering two games of skills, the Plinko and Waffle Sole Bean Toss, Vans organized 3 free skateboard clinics for the ladies that will be going down on September 29th. To highlight the addition of a female category in AGP and to facilitate the learning process of girls who want to start skating, Vans hooked it up with the chance to shred with experienced skateboarders, listen to their advices and have fun with them while they teach you the basics.

Girl Skate Clinic Schedule :

Saturday September 28th. 3 sessions: 11am, 1pm, 3pm.

* Register on site at the Vans tent *

The Vans Best Trick at  p45

To end the event in full force, the Vans Best Trick P45 will take place immediately after the AGP award ceremony, Sunday at 6 pm. If you think you can shred p45's smooth concrete and land good tricks, you're invited to join the carnage as the best trick is open to everyone! $2000 cash to distribute for the best tricks landed in the selected two sections of the park. $ 1000 per section, $20 bills flying everywhere! 

 "I was a teenage skateboarder in the 90s" Photo exhibition

Photo legends Grant Brittain, Scott Serfas, Dan Mathieu, Jody Morris, Jimmy Miller, Jeff Comber and Jon West came together to present a photo exhibition portraying the skateboarding culture of the 90's in Canada. Come take a look at these master lensmen's fine work, on display at Taz from September 28th to 29th.

Photo: Scott Serfas

The After Party at Don B

The Am Getting Paid wouldn't be what it is today without its famous after-party.  Join us, the AGP riders as well as a big part of the canadian skateboard industry for a night you will remember forever. Or not!

Saturday 10pm at Don B. Comber. For RSVP, click HERE.

For more information about the Am Getting Paid contest format, the course and the $40,000 purse distribution, click HERE