No need to pay for a lift ticket to shred the snow-capped mountains of Quebec. A little motivation and a splitboard is all you need! It snowed a whole lot over the past week! Take advantage of the winter, find a mountain close to you, strap your split and get ready to discover the road less traveled.

For those who don’t know too much about splitboards, it’s basically a snowboard that splits into two skis. It allows snowboarders to hike up hills with the skis and to bomb down them with the snowboard.

Splitboarding was born in the 1990s, but their growth in the market has exploded in recent years. Although these boards remain on a targeted niche, more and more people are willing to try that new kind of riding. For this reason, we have a selection of splitboards that will please experimented riders as well as beginners who are interested in trying a split the first time.

Pretty simple… You are a snowboarder and you like adventure? Splitboarding is made for you.

How does it work?

To hike up the mountain, you simply have to separate the board into two large skis and apply an adherent surface such as seal skin under them. The bindings, which are built to be able to pivot, turn in ski position and that’s it, you’re ready to hike up the hills to discover new spots where nobody has set foot before.

The principle for the downhill riding is just as simple. First, remove the adherent surface from under the skis, reassemble the board with it’s clips and turn the bindings back in snowboard position. Now you are ready to enjoy the feeling of drawing your own lines in the fresh and untouched snow. Science, but not rocket science.

Frequently asked questions
Can the board split during the descent?
No. The clips intended to hold the two parts of the splitboard together are strong and if you set them up good, they will not unclip during the descent. Trust us, we’ve been selling split boards for about 5 years now and we never heard anybody say their clips gave up while riding.

Can I ride my splitboard at my local ski resort?
Absolutely. Even though the splitboard is designed for backcountry riding and hiking, it is as good as a regular board. Who knows, there may even be undiscovered spots around your local mountain that are waiting for you. With a split under your feet, your explorations possibilities are endless. The tickets will also be waaayy cheaper if you don’t use the chairlift!

How long does it take to set it up?
Splitboards are not supposed to complicate your life. After all, their purpose is to have fun. To split the board into two skis or to put the board back together, you won’t need more than five minutes. You might have to get a little use to it at first, but after a few times, you’ll be able to do it without even looking.

Is it expensive?
Splitboarding is relatively new in the industry, so some models may still be quite expensive, but not all of them. I fact, we have a selection of models that you and your wallet might like. Keep reading to learn more about our splitboards.


This is the moment when our expertise in the field becomes useful. We have a large selection of splitboard in stores, but here are 3 models that we particularly like. Three split boards from three different brands that will appeal to both split boarding newbies as well as veterans.


Even though the Lightroom from Rome may be the least expensive model on our floor, that does not mean this board is low-end. This directional mountain shred stick is one of the most powerful there is and will allow you to slide on the snow as if you were on a cloud. The combination of its Powder S camber and carbon tubes at the tail level make it an ultra responsive board made to handle a lot of snow. At this price, it is also the perfect board for a cheaper introduction to splitboarding.


Here is a splitboard for seasoned adventurers. A bit more expensive than the Rome Lightroom, the Capita Neo Slasher is an ideal choice for those in their second or third year of splitboarding. You will certainly like its smooth shape with a wide and naturally tilted nose that floats over the thick snow and transforms the days of tiring powders into incredible and lasting missions. The ALPINE Split profile has a camber in the middle of the board with a slightly flatter tail and a cambered nose. This allows for better hiking control while maximizing floatation and power while bombing downhill.


Some call this one the King of backcountry. Split veterans will love the power and maneuverability of the Solution board from Jones. It’s a little more expensive than the rest of our selection, but with a reason. Its rocker nose allows a smooth floats and improves maneuverability, while the camber under the foot provides a professional level of handling and response. The slightly tipped tail maintains the power and stability of the board. The wooden core of the board is thicker under the clips, offering greater torsional stiffness and a stronger connection so you never have to worry about those clips.

If you’re still reading this, it’s because splitboarding definitely interests you. Feel free to come chat with us in one of our stores or write us for more information about this revolutionary new way of riding a snowboard.