In terms of comfort and functionality, skateboarding and snowboarding footwear often go hand in hand.


This is the reason why the DC snowboarding boots are so good. With more than 20 years of experience in the footwear business, DC is back with a brand new collection of snowboard boots that will spark your shred sessions this winter.

DC has been on the cutting edge of skate shoes and snowboard boots since it first started. Their impressive snowboarding boots lineup features a bunch of technical details and is available at a fairly reasonable price. That being said, we assure you that they are as comfortable as any other snow boots out there. If not more.

Trust us, the DC snowboard boots are worth the try.


DC is the creator of a wide variety of products including snowboards, coats, pants, hats and clothing, but the brand is undoubtedly more recognized for its action sports shoes. DC shoes and boots for skateboarders and snowboarders have always been on top of the brand's sales, and it's not just because they are good looking.


We are not saying that the rest of DC's products is bad. In fact, it's the opposite, but these footwear specialists know what they are talking about when it comes to creating a top quality snowboard boot.

With more than 15 different kinds of boots, both for men and women, DC can be definitely be considered one of the most versatile snowboard boot brands in the business. Just like the impressive skateboard shoes line, DC snowboarding boots have their own unique advantages: cutting edge technological advancements, eye-catching styles, and unbelievable comfort.



Just like it's skateboard division, DC Snowboarding is represented by a team of outstanding athletes. Among them, we would like to put put the spotlight on Torstein Horgmo, who has just recently been awarded his first signature DC boot.

Congrats Torstein!

Joining DC pro legends like Travis Rice in the signature model division, Torstein created a boot that is built to support his unique and progressive riding style.

Thanks to him, The DC Torstein Horgmo boot is by far the most advanced snowboarding boot DC has ever made.


To witness the talent of the rest of the DC Snowboarding team and to see just how effective and stylized DC Snowboard boots are, check out the latest DC Snowboarding video featuring big names like Devun Walsh, Travis Rice, Torstein Horgmo, Anto Chamberland, Ryan Tiene, Iikka Backstrom, Mat Schaer, Justin Fronius, Mons Roisland, Sebbe De Buck, Jonathan Lindte and Marc Salas Mañosa.

We know that after watching this video, you won't be able to fight that sudden urge to go snowboarding. Perfect, it's snowing outside!

See you on the slopes!