Holiday are one of the best time to hop on a plane and go on a trip. Whether you are heading for a snow destination or a sun destination, it’s crazy how the smallest details can change everything during a trip. To make sure you get the most out of your next winter adventure and make your trip a memorable one, here’s a list of Herschel travel essentials, smart and stylish products that will turn any trip into an unforgettable adventure.
With these accessories in hand, you’ll have no reason to not hop on that plane!

For your suitcase

The Shoe Bag
Because when you live in your luggage, there is nothing more annoying than dirty and wet shoes touching your other travel items and clean clothes, Herschel has designed a really ideal shoe bag for those who love stay clean during their adventure. Best of all, this ultra-strong polyester bag comes in packs of two! A bag for each shoe! Now that’s luxury!

The Laundry Bag
With the same utility as the shoe bag, Herschel’s Laundry Bag is designed to keep your dirty, damp clothes from touching the rest of your travel gear. Also coming in a pack of 2, you will have room to store all your dirty clothes and more! No washing machine in sight, no problem! At least your dirty gear is stored away from the clean garments you have left in your luggage.

The travel organiser kit
If you like your stuff well organized and your suitcase to be clean and easy to access, this Organizing set from Herschel is really made for you. Including three separation cubes to create sections in your suitcase and a waterproof bag to store your dirty, wet or spoilable items, there is no doubt that this organizing contraption will simplify the lives of all travellers. From the initiated adventurer to the ones who are taking the plane for the very first time.

For your personal items

Travel bottles

If you already are a travel enthusiast, you know that you can’t bring your bottle of shampoo and soap on the plane if the container has more than 100ml in it. Herschel travel bottles will save you from having to dispose of your liquids at the airport’s security. They are designed to fit the allowed liquid limit perfectly and hang easily on the walls thanks to their suction cup system. They’re also very cute!

Travel Pouch

In many countries, you’ll have to be careful for pickpockets. They are trained to steal and have several methods to take your belongings without you even realizing it. That’s why the Herschel money belts and travel pouches were created. Oh yes! A good old banana bag! Carry your passport, money and other important personal belongings safely, with style and comfort. The best way to discover a new city’s streets with total peace of mind!

Chapter travel kit
A bag like this one is essential for any trip, period. It’s the one where you keep the stuff allowing you to stay clean. And those who know about traveling know that feeling fresh is a must while on any adventure. With it being so important, might as well go for quality! The Herschel Travel Bag Chapter Kit has a little something more than your traditional kit. Clean, classic and ultra resistant, this bag will certainly follow you on more trips than you can count on the fingers of both hands.

For the plane

Suitcases and and suitcase belt

Forget the stress of checking in your luggage filled with fragile items and hop on the plane in peace. Featured here, the Trade Large suitcase. With its solid shell, retractable handle and 4 multi-directional wheels, moving across the airport will be easy breezy. To avoid the undesirable accidents caused by the lack of delicacy during the handling of your luggage, Herschel even offers a suitcase belt to hold everything together! For those who like to fly 100% stress free!

Comfort kit

Finally, our favorite Herschel accessory for the plane: the Herschel Amenity Package. This cool little bag contains everything you will need to turn the uncomfortable feeling of sitting on a plane seat for 8 hours to a long period of healing relaxation. Including a sleeping mask, comfy slippers, airplane cushion and earplugs, you might even start to love the flying part of your trip as much as the rest of it!

On this note, check out the other useful and stylish travel essentials from Herschel. Travel adaptor, different bags and suitcases, a suitcase scale, countless wallets and kits and even more. Whether it’s for yourself or your loved ones, these travel essentials are a must for any travellers!