From the school’s gymnasium to the local mountain all the way to the comfort of your home, the Burton Riglet program is THE best way to introduce your kid(s) to the joys of snowboarding and to transform a simple sport into real passion for your young ones.

Virtually everyone who snowboards remember their first day as a series of falls. It’s part of the learning process, but it also happens that the harsh first day on the slopes push many young people to give up! The Burton Riglet program is there to avoid this possibility by giving your kids an introduction to snowboarding that they will remember forever. And in a good way!

Specifically, Burton’s Snowboarding Riglet program was designed to create a fun and engaging environment for children of age 12 and under to succeed in their snowboard learnings, allowing them develop a real passion for the sport and to spend quality time on the slopes with the fam.

From activities at home to a physical education program at school to real practice on the mountain, read on to find out what Burton has to offer for your kid to falls in love with snowboarding and, above all, to make sure that the new snowboard he or she asked for Christmas does not end its life stuffed deep in the closet!

For more details, visit Burton Riglet’s website

How does it work:
Snowboarding at school
Everything about the Burton Riglet program is great, but the fact that it allows schools to offer snowboarding as a physical education class is beyond great. The beauty of all of this is that any school can access the Riglet Physical Education Program! As long as you have a school gymnasium or a big enough flat surface, your children could be training for the family days on the slopes during their school hours.

Simply click HERE and fill out the application form to receive your Riglet Kit including Burton’s Indoor training boards for kids, exercise foam pads and cushions, Instructional DVDs and all the equipment needed to allow kids to sharpen their snowboarding skills at school. It could even make them excited to leave for school in the morning.

Snowboarding at the mountain
The other big aspect of the Burton Riglet initiative is introductory snowboarding lessons at the mountain with qualified riders to ensure your child has an unforgettable first experience on the slopes. To find a Burton Riglet mountain near you, click here! (The nearest mountains offering the program are Tremblant and Jay Peak if you’re in the greater Montreal area). If you can’t or don’t want to hit those mountains, don’t worry, the Burton Riglet program offers all kinds of other activities to get your kid to enjoy his introduction to snowboarding to the fullest.

Snowboarding at home
To keep your kids thinking about snowboarding and make them excited about their next visit to the mountain, Burton offers a series of online games and activities that will awaken the snowboarding senses of your kids in the comfort of your home. Drawings, mini-games, downloads, and more! Click here to see the list of home activities that Burton has to offer and make sure to come back often to enjoy all the updates that will be added throughout the winter.

The Burton Riglet video library
Last but not least, the Riglet instructional video library. If your kid’s physical education program does not include Burton Riglet program and/or you can’t go directly to the mountains offering the snowboard introduction programs, you can always prepare your kid for his first day of snowboarding with a series of videos created by Burton and available for free on their Youtube channel. These videos created exclusively for kids will allow them to visualize their movements in anticipation of the next big day at the mountain. Visualization is an important aspect when it comes to progression and there’s nothing better than watching snowboarding videos to help your youngsters prepare mentally for the real thing.

For more details, visit the Burton Riglet website and make sure to take a look at our snowboard products for kids by clicking on the link below!

Have a good snowboarding season with the family!