DC shoes has been a legendary brand for many years. Originally from southern California, the brand entered the world of skateboarding with a bang in the mid-90s and still is on top of the game along with the best brands in skateboarding. As the slim shoes tight pants trend is slowly fading away, DC went back to its roots: The 90's style. Sportswear looks, athletic style kits, puffy technical shoes. Totally the opposite of what we've been seing over the last 10 years, and we LOVE IT! In 2018, we can say DC is definitely ahead of its time. Or late, it's up to you!

When we saw the new DC collection's pieces, we got so excited we asked Gab Galipeau, Charles Deschamps and Jake Cormier, the Empire skate team riders who are also sponsored by DC to meet up at a skate spot to test out the new collection's clothes and shoes. It's looking good!

Photos by: Ryan Lebel / @ryanlebel


With the temperature outside, summertime is definitely still going strong, but as you all know, it won't last forever. To get ready for Fall with the most stylish gear and shoes, take a look at our exclusive DC x EMPIRE lookbook and choose your favorites! The collection will be in stores and online very soon.

Fire gear, shoes ahead of their time, sporty and athletic flavours... DC's new collection is one of the best we've ever seen.

To check out all the items that will be available within DC's next epic collection, take a look at the photo gallery below!

Have a good week!