The 90s are like a pool filled with fresh water during a heat wave... It's always good to dive back into it! And Oakley didn't just go for a little dip, they got fully immersed in it! Ladies and gentlemen, dive with us into the Californian colors, imagery and vibe from the 90s with Oakley's newest Thermonuclear collection, available online  and at our  BoisbriandBrossard & Québec stores starting today!

We're the only store to have this collection in Canada! Get it before it's all gone!


The influence from the 90s in the collection's pieces is obvious. Wide adjustments, bold prints and vibrant colors remind us of the look our parents rocked when we were little. With added style and attitude. The original Oakley logo is even updated to enhance the retro look of the range. All that, mixed with today's technology and functionality.

This collection has exactly what it takes to add color in your life as well as in your wardrobe! Keep reading for a better overview of what the collection is all about.

Influenced by motocross

Oakley's new Thermonuclear collection, in addition to drawing inspiration from the 90s Californian look, is also inspired by the brand's rich heritage in motocross. These inspirations can be recognized in several pieces of the collection such as the Gradient sweater and shorts, which reminds us of the "flashy" uniforms worn by motorcycle riders in the past.

An iconic logo:

For its latest Thermonuclear collection, Oakley reintroduced their ultimate original logo and spread it in virtually the entire range for a warm vintage touch. The logo is actually from the very first product Oakley put on the market in 1975: a motocross grip. Several pieces of the collection embody this theme and are clearly influenced by the uniforms worn by motocross riders, but with a hot vintage touch coming from Oakley's rich past.

Why Thermonuclear?

It's simple: The collection captures the sense of thermonuclear protection with its hot colors, warm, vintage prints and ironic graphics like dinosaur prints, for example, while the bold primary hues of the collection are inspired by Oakley's imagery and graphics from the 90s.

The gear

The Thermonuclear capsule includes brightly colored T-shirts and Long sleeves, vintage looking jackets with bold prints, retro sweatpants-style pants, a variety of bags, shorts with hot and funky tones as well as accessories like hats and socks. Basically everything you need to rep that ill vintage style from head to toes. 



The bags

At the center of Oakley's Thermonuclear collection, a range of bags that also wink at the 90s Californian lifestyle and colors, but using today's technology for an up-to-date functionality. From backpacks to duffels bags to banana bags, the packs all display an irreverent twist with their Oakley «Parental Advisory» Style logo. 


Come see us in stores or visit us online to get your hands on your favorite piece from Oakley's new Thermonuclear collection before they're all gone!