Even though winter is coming to an end, it's not over just yet... And with the recent weeks average temperature, it would not be surprising if many of you were seriously thinking about vanishing down south for a few well-deserved days of surf and beach time. After all, there is nothing better than a little improvised trip to get your mind back into place, shorten the cold season and last but not least, try your brand new summer gear before everybody!

Last minute travels can often mean you don't have a lot of time to prepare. To make sure you have all the essentials you need so you don't end up missing anything or having to buy new gear once arrived at your destination, make sure you got all your essentials. To make your life easier and save yourself unnecessary expenses, take a look at our all new summer gear and get ready for your next last-minute tropical adventure. Because you never really know when it'll happen!


Quality sunglasses

For the comfort as much as for the health of your eyes, a good pair of sunglasses is more than essential during any trip where there's sun. Not only will they help you see things clearly, but they will also help you avoid several problems caused by too much sunlight in your eyes. Not to mention the style that a good pair of glasses will give you. Take a look at our new sunglasses selection and don't be surprised by the heavy sun blasting in your eyes once you get to your tropical paradise.


Comfortable sandals

Many people say that the beach is made to be barefoot and they are not totally wrong, but still, a good pair of sandals will simplify your life during a trip like this. Stylish, comfortable and breathable, sandals will allow you to walk on the beach as well as in the streets without burning your feet, scratching them or having a bunch of sand stuck in your shoes. Not to mention their great use in the common showers of the hostel where you are staying! Take a look at our newest selection of sandals for men and women and start dreaming about the waves, the beach and all the good times you'll have in the sun while your friends are still here stuck with slush, ice and cold.



The obligatory swimsuit

There is no doubt about it, the boardshort and the bikini are the first items you will put in your luggage before leaving. You most likely won't forget this item, but if you had enough of the old bathing suit you wore all the time last summer, we invite you to take a look at our fresh variety of swimwear for men and women. From unique patterns to abstract designs, one-piece to bikini and waterproof to elastic materials, we've just received a huge variety of swim suits that will fulfill all your beach needs on every level. For your next tropical getaway or for the upcoming summer, a new bathing suit will never be useless.



Good sunscreen

Because finding yourself sunburnt in the first days of your adventure could really put a mortgage on the surf and chill days you have left, it's essential to get a quality sunscreen that is adapted to your activities when you are outside. In addition to being quite damaging to the skin, sunburns can become extremely uncomfortable and are usually gnarlier when in the water because of the reflexion of solar rays, bouncing back straight in your face. For this particular reason, we have sunscreens made specifically for people who like to go from water to the beach and from the beach to the water all day without worrying about the sun's heavy rays.



Your own Beach towel

A beach item that is too often forgotten when traveling: The beach towel. To avoid having to rely on the small piece of towel from your hotel or even your girlfriend's towel, get yours and dump it straight in your luggage. After surfing, you will appreciate the feeling of drying up and will feel comfortable before heading back to your beach house or to the local bar. We have a great selection of classic beach towels so you never have to feel sticky from saltwater after a session, or feel dusty from the sand you slept on all day.


Let's face it, not everyone can go on a trip just like that, but the fact is that starting to shop for your new summer kits and accessories is likely to help you forget about winter and dive into the spirit of summer.

 In one way or another, a ton of good moments under the sun is coming.