Even though they were not originally designed for skateboarding and action sports, Levi's pants and apparel have all the necessary features for this way of life. Comfortable, stylish and above all, extremely durable, Levi’s products are a safe and long term investment.


Whether you are a skater, a snowboarder, a surfe or none of the above, you are certainly familiar with Levi’s. This legendary denim company has now become a must in the skate industry and it isn’t for nothing. True to their roots of unrivaled durability, Levi’s pants are ideal for those who love style, but who also like to wear comfortable jeans that will last a long time.


Infused with more than 100 years of workwear design expertise and a military aesthetic Levis took it to the next level with it’s skateboarding line.

Rooted in the local aesthetic and vibe of the San Francisco Bay Area, the hometown of Levi’s, the Levi’s Skateboarding design drew inspiration from workwear. Workers need pants that are simple and durable, but also that offer great mobility. Those same attributes perfectly apply to the needs of today’s skateboarder and this is one of the reasons Levi’s got in this business. Because making durable, comfortable and simple pants is what Levi’s has been doing for the last century. They are the best at it.

As we have mentioned several times, Levi's clothes, although always good looking, are also always simple. But in this simplicity hides a unique and complex conception method based on high-level design, tough and durable materials as well as a comfortable elasticity.


The Levi's skate collection is distinguished by its riveted construction, additional seams, strong reinforcement points and lined back pockets. In addition to these more technical details, the Levis Skateboarding collection features the classic Levis look that we love so much. In any case, artifices are not necessary when you have a superior product like Levi's.


Levi's jeans have the flexibility and appearance of a 100% cotton denim, but in fact they are made from CORDURA fibers, allowing them greater durability and exceptional abrasion resistance. Forget the holes in your pants after a few days of skate, the Levis Jeans, even if you are masters, will last longer than you can imagine.


The materials used in the construction of Levi's products incorporate Lycra fibers that retain their elasticity over time, for optimum comfort and durability. Gone are the days when your pants lose their elasticity after 4 or 5 washes, Levis jeans, even after one year of machine washing, will always be as stretchy as the first day you wore them.

It's pretty simple, Levi's has been standing as a leader in the clothing department for such a long time, to choose this brand is a sure shot. Try it out and you’ll see, you won’t want to wear anything else after that.