I had several sources of inspiration during the creative process behind the new Empire collection. First of all, I wanted to create a series that recalls the aesthetics of Asian commercials, that I like very much. Bright colors and an impacting design, a bit like Chinese propaganda. The ideograms on the different pieces of the collection mean Empire, Banh-mi or Fortune cookie in Chinese.

The rest of the collection took a direction that’s a little more “normcore”. I really like simple and clean geometric designs. I think that balance is very important in any composition, that's why I used the so-called Fibonacci Suite graphic. It is closely related to the golden ratio and represents a perfect harmony in the proportions. Patterns based on this mathematical formula are often found in nature, and many great painters and architects have used it in their works. Basically, my goal was to create a visual that is simple enough to attract attention.

Louis Vallantin-Dulac - Empire Graphic Designer


***All Photos by Ryan Lebel / @ryanlebel ***