An improvised surf road trip is simply the best, but improvised doesn't mean you can't be prepared. To make sure you have all your essentials with you when you leave and make the most out of your next surf road trip, check out this Improvised surf trip checklist, courtesy of our good friends at RipCurl! 


Going on an adventure without expectations is the best! That being said, a well-informed last-minute traveler always knows he or she must at least take the time to gather travel essentials before setting sail. 

Because swimming in the cold New Hampshire water without a wetsuit sucks, enjoying a nice evening outside without warmer and dry clothes is hard and having sand in your shoes is probably the worst feeling ever, take a look at this checklist and make sure to grab everything you need before hopping in the van for your next trip! 



Because a sunburn on top of the head is very uncomfortable.

Suspension Snapback hat - beige


 Because carrying your gear around with your bare hands could get complicated.

Sac Surf Duffle Bag - Black


Because it shouldn't be a luxury to be able to wear a comfy and dry tee after the sesh.

T-shirt Fin wall - Black

T-shirt Pecketeer - Charcoal

Button up:

Because chilling by the fire a steezy and light party shirt feels great and sexy.

Jungle Short Sleeves shirt - Red


Because wearing pants at the beach when it's 30 degrees outside is probably the worst idea ever.

Boardshorts Coastin 19 - Aqua


Because there is nothing more unpleasant than to have sand in your shoes after the beach.

The Game X Gabriel Medina Sandals- Black/Grey


Because freezing out in the cold East Coast swell for too long could seriously put a mortgage on your trip.

Wetsuit Aggrolite Short Sleeve Full Back Zip 2mm - Red


Because it's always very important to be able to tell if it's beer time!

 Mayhem Analog Lthr watch - Black

Tote Bag:

Because carrying your beach essentials in a soft and easy access bag is essential.

Empire Tote - Black


Because wearing regular clothes shouldn't be allowed on the beach.

Bikini black sands Fixed Triangle top - Black

Black sand Hipster Reversible bottom - Black


Because most of the time you'll find the water colder than cold.

Spring suit Down Patrol short sleeves 2mm/2mm - Peach


Because putting a dress on over your bikini is the most simple option before hitting the local sea food joint.

Day Tripper dress - Black


Because letting your feet breathe when it's really hot will spare your friend of smells of all kinds.

P-Low Slide Sandals - Black


Because protecting your face from the sun can be crucial for your own health.

Casquette Ophelia Boonie - Natural


Because when it's time for a drink, it's time for a drink.

Montre Circa Leather - White 

Tote bag:

Because having sand in your clothes from having no bag can cause irritations of all kinds.

Empire tote - Greige