We always had a stacked snowboarding team, but this year is something else. A mix of OG’s and veterans, of young bloods who will become tomorrow’s snowboarding icons, of metal and altitude hungry shredders, of powder beasts, hell, there’s even an Olympic Gold medallist on the team. To put it simply, our 2019 snowboarding team is extra gnarly!
Ladies and gentlement, meet the members of our snowboarding team. Get to know them through this article and say hello next time you see them at the mountain!

Age: 38
Sponsors: YES. Snowboards, Now bindings, Rip Curl, Globe, Zeal optics, Remind Insoles, Deluxe boots, WhistlerBlackcomb, Empire
Hometown: Squamish ,BC – Dominical, Costa Rica
Years on the board: 27 years
Years on Empire: 20 years
Setup: YES. Snowboards powder quiver and Greats 51 or 54 + Now x YES. select bindings, Rip Curl Search outerwear , Zeal Portal goggles , Deeluxe Deemon
Favorite snowboarder: Nicolas Mueller
Hobbies: surfing , skateboarding , mountain biking , playing with my kids , yoga
Favorite terrain: Fresh ,Steep, deep , featured natural terrain. A fall line slope with multiple senders and technical spiny sections.
Best things in life: Kids and any of the “S” in my life ( surf, snow, skate, sex , stretch ,sushi)

Photo: @jos_robyphoto

Age: 31
Sponsors: Arbor Snowboards, O’neill, Rockstar Energy Drink, Skullcandy
Hometown: Quebec
Years on the board: 23
Years on Empire: 10
Setup: Westmark 156, Hemlock bindings
Favorite snowboarder: Jeff Anderson
Hobbies: Surf, Gold, Skate
Favorite terrain: Japan
Best things in life: Beers, food and sex

Age: 26
Sponsors: O’Neill, Red Bull, Oakley, Lifeproof, Nike, Empire
Hometown: Repentigny
Years on the board: 17 years
Years on Empire: 7 years
Set up: Nitro team board, Nitro Team binding, Nitro boot. Stance: 22,5. Angle: +9, -9
Favorite snowboarder: Eero Ettala, Travis Rice, David Benedek
Hobbies: Skate, golf, wakesurf, Mx, downhill mountain bike…

Favorite terrain: Riding pow
Best thing in life: Snowboarding with friends and family

Photo: @finestonephoto

Age: 16

Sponsors: Ride, Billabong, Von Zipper, Empire, Sandbox

Hometown: St-Bruno de Montarville

Years on the board: 12 years
Years on Empire: 3
Setup: Ride Machete with the ride LTD bindings
Favorite snowboarder: Dillon Ojo
Hobbies: Skateboarding
Favorite terrain: Snowpark
Best things in life: Snowboarding, skataboarding traveling. Living the dream

Photo: @elamothe

Age: 27
Sponsors: K2, FIX, VonZipper, Vans
Hometown: Ottawa
Years on board: 20
Years on Empire: 5
Setup: K2 Afterblack, Fix Magnum, Vans Highstandard OG
Favourite boarder: Too many
Hobbies: Skating, Camping, Building
Favourite terrain: Pow day with friends
Best thing in life: Friends and boardin’


Age : 20
Sponsors : Empire, RomeSDS, O’neill, Vans, Dragon
Hometown: Quebec city
Years on the board : 13
Years on Empire: 8
Set up: Rome Nationals 156 – D.O.D
Favorite snowboarder: Rene Rinnekangas
Hobbies: Skateboard, Camping, Fishing, Traveling
Favorite terrain: Whistler
Best thing in life: Snowboarding

Photo: @rypap

Age : 26 Years old
Sponsors : Empire / Dupraz Snowboards / Now Bindings / 686 Outerwear / Spy Optics /Underground Tuning
Hometown: Matane /Quebec
Years on the board : 18
Years on Empire: 5
Set up: Dupraz 163 D1++ and NowBindings Drive( best snowboarding setup Ive riden! )
Favorite snowboarder: Charles Reid
Hobbies: Golfing, fishing, playing in the mountains,

Favorite terrain: Whistler BackCountry, Also Whistler’s Parks and grooming! Anything That’s possible to do on a Snowboard is just amazing!
Best things in life: The ability to make what’s in your imagination your real life, family, friends and good times!

Photo: @domgauthier

Age: 37

Sponsors: Vans, YES snowboards, NOW bindings

Hometown: Mont-Tremblant, Q.c.

Years on the board: 27

Year on Empire: Since they had a snowboard team I think

Setup: Regular stance 25’’ wide, F:21 B:-12

Favorite Snowboarder: My all time inspiration has to be Devun Walsh

Hobbies: Golfing, surfing, hunting, fishing, Netflix & chill

Favorite terrain: Backcountry

Best things in life: Riding perfect powder snow

Photo: @alwaysfinna

Age: 23
Sponsors: O’Neill, Bataleon, Switchback, Empire
Hometown: Bromont,QC
Years on the board: 18
Years on Empire: 5
Setup: Battalion boss 154cm with Switchback bindings
Favorite snowboarder: My cousin JF fortin
Hobbies: Golf, surf,hiking
Favorite terrain: Street
Best things in life: Snowboarding around de world

Age: 27
Sponsors: Empire
Hometown: Victoriaville
Years on the board: 22 years
Years on Empire: 10 years
Favorite snowboarders: Louif Paradis, Frank Bourgeois and a friend that I’ll keep in mind for life Dillon Ojo.
Hobbies: Sports
Favorite terrain: Whatever, as long as I’m with friends, I’ll have fun !
Best things in life: Family, Friends, Happiness!

Age: 25

Sponsors: DC snowboarding, Fix binding co and Empire

Hometown: Montreal

Years on the board: 15

Years on Empire: Less than a year

Setup: DC snowboard PBJ 153cm with Winslow fix binding

Favorite snowboarders: Louif Paradis, Jake Kusyk and Jed Anderson

Hobbies: Skateboarding, Surfing and photography

Favorite terrain: Street

Best thing in life: Traveling

Age : 27 ans

Sponsors : Empire, Faded Underwear, Rome snowboard

Hometown : Terrebonne, QC

Years on the board : 17

Years on Empire : 11

Setup : Rome Artifact for rails, Rome Mod for jumps and for our beautiful Quebec mountains.

Favorite snowboarders : There are many riders who are close friends that inspire me a lot but internationally I would say Stale for his style and determination!

Hobbies : Ornithology! I love birds and camping! In the summer, if I’m not at home building something you can find me in a wood near you!

Favorite terrain : A virgin mountain after a big dump. / A session with friends on a urban set up with natural speed.

Best things in life : Snowboarding, camping, roads trips, Spend time in nature with people I love. I don’t need anything else!

Age: 27

Sponsors: Empire, Nitro, Oneill

Hometown: Bromont

Years on the board: 18

Years on Empire: 13

Setup: Nitro t1 55 – nitro Beast 58 – Nitro Team bindings – Nitro Team boots

Favorite snowboarders: Mes cousins Vincent Fortin et JF Fortin

Hobbies: Golf, wake, surf, downhill

Favorite terrain: Backcountry

Best thing in life: Riding pow with my friends

Age: 32
Sponsors: Burton, Monster, Electric, Empire
Hometown: Squamish BC
Years on the board: 26 years riding
Years on Empire: 10 years
Favorite snowboarder: Jake McIntyre
Hobbies: moto, doc, sideXside, drinking on the river
Favorite terrain: backcountry
Best things in life: Riding Pow with friends

Photo: @elamothe

Age : 30

Sponsors : Capita, 686, Vans, Union, Coal, Plenty

Hometown: L’Ancienne-Lorette, Qc

Years on the board : 20
Years on Empire: 10
Set up: goofy 12, -12
Favorite snowboarder: Nicolas Muller
Hobbies: Mountain biking, hiking
Favorite terrain: Japan powder
Best thing in life: Living