To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our partnership with Monster Energy, we decided to jump back in time to revisit some of the best events that we did with Monster over the past few years. For the third edition of our Blast From The Past blog section, let’s travel back to 2020 for the very last event we had the chance to host before the pandemic started: The Winter 20 Empire Games.

Presented by Monster Energy, Burton and Swatch and in collaboration with Oakley and Volcom, the Empire Games 2020 was quite a wild experience. With the first stop at beautiful Stoneham mountain on February 15th and a second stop at our Bromont on March 7th, we’re super happy that we were able to pull both events successfully just days before the world shut down. Let’s say that at least, we entered the pandemic with great memories in mind.

Over the past few years, the Empire Games got known as one of the most unique snowboarding event in Canada. Something you had never seen or experienced before. A boardercross type contest with a chunky cash prize, the funkiest obstacles you’ve seen, all your favorite brands on site with products to try and the province’s whole snowboarding community gathered to shred, go fast and have fun. Pro, amateur, beginner, grown men, women, dad, mom, grom… the Games had a little something for everybody and was 100% free.

The Empire Games Explained

For those who don't know the Empire Games yet, here's how it works: A race on a funky and unique course built by the best snowpark company out there: Today’s Parks. Three categories: Open, Women and 15 years and under, 1 on 1 on 1 races on a crazy triple mirror course and an elimination until there are only three competitors left. The first of the three remaining snowboarders to cross the finish line is named the Winner. To that, add a bunch of prizes from our partners and a $2000 total prize purse with $1000 for each stop. ($600 for 1st position, $250 for 2nd and $150 3rd position). Not bad for a free event! 

The 2020 Empire Games also marked the addition of the Expression Session Rail Jam, an invitational shred session featuring some of the best snowboarders of the province. With a $2000 cash prize for each stop, let us tell you that this was one hell of a show. This year, we also got musical performances to close the night at both events with Quebec legends such as Sans Pression and Alaclair Ensemble.


To kick off this season, the first Empire Games event took place at Stoneham mountain, in the beautiful region of Quebec, on February 15th. Year after year, Stoneham welcomes us with open arms and treats us like family. There was no doubt we would return to this dream mountain for the 2020 edition of the Empire Games. Trust us, the weekend was great.

In the Men’s category, young gun Elliott Grondin took the honors with the fastest run we’ve seen on this great day. In second place, Steph Fortier closely followed by Devon Miller in third. In the Women’s category, local legend Audrey Mcmaniman went home with the gold followed by Marjorie Couturier and Catherine Simms in second and third.

The Rail Jam invitational took place after the race and it was one hell of a show. The riders didn’t hesitate to charge the obstacles that were in front of them, including a massive rainbow rail, a flat and down rail. At the end of the night, Émile Prudhomme took the gold and went home $1000 richer. The snowboarding talent is incredible in Quebec.


For the second and last Empire Games event of the season, we go back to our roots with a day at our local mountain, Bromont. Last year, it was the best, but this year was even better! First of all, the “not so cold” temperatures, paired with a blue-bird sky, helped put a smile on everyone faces. The surreal course that our friends at Today’s Parks created allowed everyone to ride as fast as they could, and definitely tested their willingness to go full throttle on our crazy features.

Charles Pratt took home gold with sharp carves and a record time. Close behind him, the Lanaudière Champion Chris Collard snatched second place and in third, Empire family member Phil Fournier. The Women’s race was also fierce, but only one shredder could go home with the honors. This year, it was Clara Chapman, closely followed by Fanny Girardin in second and Amélia Haman Côté in third.

Now the much anticipated rail Jam. This one was just as insane as Stoneham, even more. Empire team rider and Quebec snowboarding legend Frank Jobin took the honors with the craziest tricks we’ve seen to this day. The Podium was full of Empire riders! in second place, Nic Laframboise and in Third, Gab Jacques. Let us tell you that it was one hell of a show.


More than just a snowboard competition, the Empire Games also included our famous Super Demos. At the bottom of the slopes, all your favorite brands were present to show and let us try their upcoming products that would only come out the following year in exclusivity. The Super Demo also hosted Special games and contests, prizes and giveaways, deals on selected Winter products and most importantly, good times in massive quantities

The best snowboard brands available on the market at the bottom of the hill with hundreds of new products for you to try for free. What more can you ask for!? If you like to test out snowboard gear before buying it, the Super Demo was the place to be.