For the first time ever since the inception of the Games almost a decade ago, our second and last stop of the 2023 season will be held at legendary Mont Blanc ski station. Join us on March 18th as we will be closing the Empire Games season with a bang at one of the oldest and most iconic ski station in the province.

Special thanks to Monster, Burton, Volcom and Oakley for helping us put together a one of a kind event and to allow for unforgettable snowboard community gatherings year after year at the Empire Games.

The Mountain

This mountain is actually several million years old, but was transformed into ski slopes and named "Mont Blanc" by its founder Gustave-Maurice Paquin in 1957, a nod to the iconic mountain in Europe. Apart from a handful of other mountains in the province, Mont Blanc truly was one of the first ski resorts in Quebec. Making it that much more special for us to have the second stop of the 2023 Empire Games over there. 

To tell you how old this resort actually is, tell yourself that at first, the Mont Blanc slopes were groomed with snowshoes and didn't have any kind of lift system. When there were places that were too icy, the employees and instructors shoveled snow on sheets and transported this snow to the slopes using sleds. On top of being one of the fist ski resorts in Quebec, Mont Blanc was also among the first mountain in Quebec where skiers could go up the hill using an automatic lift system called the pomalift. Rings a bell?

How to get there

Accessible from Highway 15, it will be easy for you to get to Mont Blanc to attend the event. For those who want to keep it as simple as possible, here is the exact location of Mont Blanc:



To honor our traditions at the Empire Games, we will have a classic banked slalom race as the day’s main event. As per usual, you’ll witness speed and high velocity carving during the race. What’s cool is that everybody can enter at the low cost of $5, that will later be given to the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation.

As usual, the race is open to everyone. With cold hard cash to give away to the Open, Women and Kids categories, come test your skills on our state of the art course designed and built by Todays Parks.

Please note that your participation in the event doesn’t include your lift ticket for the day, so make sure you have the necessary funds to get a lift ticket if you’re also trying to ride the resort on that day. Also note that the mountain closes at 4PM and that our rail jam will take place after the resort is closed.

How to register

As places in the race are limited, we are asking you to register in advance through our website. Once you are registered, all you will need to do is cover the $5 registration fee, fill out a waver at the mountain the morning of the event and you will be good to go. Follow the link below to register to the event. 


8:30AM to 3h45PM: Super demo

8:30AM to 10:30AM: Registration + $5 + Waiver Signature

10:30AM to 11:30AM Practice Junior + Women

11:30AM to 1:00PM: Races Junior and Women + Awards

1:15PM to 2:15PM: Practice Open

2:15PM to 4:00PM: Races Open + Awards

4:30PM to 5:00PM: Warm up Rail Jam

5:15PM to 6:30PM: Legacy Rail Jam

7:00PM to 11:00PM: After Party at Bar des Pionniers


The Super Demo

Once again, we’re proud to present the Empire Super-Demos at the Empire Games Mont Blanc, which will be held on March 18th at the bottom of the resort's slopes.

What is the Empire Super Demo? It's simply the best snowboard brands available on the market at the bottom of the hill with experimented advisers on the spot to demonstrate new product and allow you to try them. You will even be able to try out some exclusive models that will only be out next year. On top of that, free stuff, activations and more. Here’s a quick overview of the brands that will be present at the Mont Blanc Empire Games:


Free Monster Sampling


Free Waxing Station and boards to try out


Discover their new 2024 line


Discover and try their new 2024 line


Discover their new 2024 boots and come get free goodies at the tent


Boards and bindings testing

Lib tech, gnu, Ben Metal

2024 Boards and bindings testing


2024 Boards and bindings testing


Discover their 2024 line

Union, Capita

2024 Boards and bindings testing

Yes, Now, Jones

2024 Boards and bindings testing

Bataleon, Nidecker, Flow

2024 Boards and bindings testing


2024 Boards and bindings testing


2024 Boards and bindings testing


2024 Boards testing

Ride, K2

2024 Boards and bindings testing

The Rail Jam

Last but not least, the Legacy Rail Jam. We can't reveal too much about the Rail Jam obstacle for now, but know that the best riders in Quebec will have a blast on it and will give a crazy show. We're also proud to say we will be be giving the obstacle to the hosting resort with the help of the snowpark geniuses at Todays Parks. With 2500 in cash to give to the top 3 positions, the Mont Blanc Rail Jam will be one hell of a show.

Stay tuned for the Empire Games Mont Blanc Rail Jam obstacle reveal coming this week. We got something great for the invited riders and for Mont Blanc, which will be keeping the obstacle afterwards.

The After Party

You can’t have an Empire event without a proper After Party. Join us as the Mont Blanc’s bar after the Legacy Rail Jam to celebrate with everyone and enjoy good music with Monster DJ on site, good people and good beverages. Our after parties are always the best and you sure don’t want to miss this.

Please drink responsibly and plan your trip to Mont Blanc accordingly if you want to party. If you feel like letting loose at the Empire Games After Party, there’s a bunch of hotels and lodging nearby. Check some cheap addresses at the link below.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on the event and we truly hope to see you join the madness next weekend at Mont Blanc. SEE YOU THERE!