Summer holidays mean one thing: Roadtrip! Throw your skateboard in the trunk of the car, grab a pair of pants, some shorts, a few t-shirts and jump on the Trans-Canada Highway West to skate some of the finest free outdoor skateparks Canada has to offer.

Even though more and more concrete skateparks are popping all over Montreal and its surroundings, the fact remains that our neighbor province is way ahead of us in that department. Yes, once you cross the Ontario lines, a bunch of perfect and diverse skateparks is at your disposal. A great and cheap way to explore for new skate spots without having to drive too far from home.

Gananoque skatepark

The first skatepark of this list is situated lesst than 3 hours away from Montreal, just before the city of Kingston, in a small town of about 5000 people called Gananoque. Even though the municipality is not very big, the skatepark is worth checking it out.

With a street section mixing traditional obstacles like rails and ledges with more creative obstacles like rocks and weird banks, everyone will find something they like to skate at that park. The transition section, with a deep part that has a real pool coping, a shallow part, a nice hip and different lines that are all as fast as each other, we guarantee you will have tons of fun in Gananoque, the first stop of your improvised skate roadtrip.


Kingston skatepark

After a 45 minutes ride west of Gananoque, you need to stop in the City of Kingston, wich has just inaugurated its brand new concrete skatepark. Even if this park has a rail and some ledges, the reason why you must visit it is its transition sections. With a multitude of options ranging from quick lines to more technical spots, hips, corner pockets and more, this brand new park is definitely worth a visit.

For those who would also like to satisfy their thirst for street skating, know that the University city of Kingston is loaded with spots. Park your car in the center of Queens University District and just start exploring, you will find tons of stuff to skate in no time.


Belleville skatepark

Now, on route for Belleville Skatepark, situated about an hour west of Kingston. Very close from the 401 highway, this park, in addition to being one of the most versatile you will ever see, is very easy to find. With a complete bowl that’s separated from the park for the transitions lovers, Belleville also has a very vast street section. With a lot of room between obstacles, It’s simply perfect.

Rails, ledges, banks, gaps, stairs and manual pads of all sizes and for all skate levels await you at Belleville skatepark. What's really good about this park is that no matter how skilled you are at skating, you'll find your fun zone. Check this one out, you won’t be disappointed, guaranteed.


Picton skatepark

It only takes a little drive south of Belleville to get to the Picton skatepark, another masterpiece in the field of concrete parks. After a little detour that’s really worth it on the road 62, you will see one of the most beautiful skateboard park you have ever seen in your life. In fact, Picton fits the definition of a perfect skatepark. It simply has everything.

 From modern obstacles to weird ones without forgetting about the massive bowl that will exceed all your expectations, Picton’s got it all. Even if it gets crowded from time to time, The line are designed so you don’t run into people when you skate. Plus, there is so much stuff there that there is always a spot where nobody is skating. Picton’s skatepark is simply a must.


Here it is, after trying these 4 fire skateparks, time to hit the city of Toronto. There is  several skateparks in the area including Dunbat, Ashbridges and many others. Do not hesitate to hit these parks, but above all, enjoy the downtown city streets and turn them into your own skatepark. Have a good session !