We are Proud to announce the grand opening of an all new Empire Shop in downtown Montreal. Bigger, better and easier to access, the brand new store will open it’s door on november 21st!

 After more than a decade at it's spot near the Bell Center, the Empire store on Saint-Antoine street, in Montreal's downtown area, closed it's doors to allow the shop to move to a newer, more modern and more accessible location, on the corner of Robert-Bourassa and Maisonneuve Boulevards.



« The Empire strikes back with it’s new location. The store is now more accessible than ever and will most definitely impress all that will set foot in this incredible, award winning sky scraper… It’s bigger, better rand bolder than ever. See you in the cuts!»

- Phil Grisé, Empire's President and co-owner


« To me, the opening of the new Empire store in a prime location of downtown Montreal represents an opportunity to offer a customer service that is above your expectations, whether it be in the skateboard, snowboard, accessories or clothing department.  Hope to see you there! »

Mikael Brown - Empire Robert-Bourassa's manager


That's right, the new Empire shop will be very easy to reach. Located close to the La Baie downtown store, Eaton Center and the future Saks Fifth Avenue Store announced for 2018, we couldn't be more central. In addition to a parking space, the store is close to several subway exits and is accessible from the bike path on De Maisonneuve Boulevard.

One business, one passion

 Empire was created by entrepreneurs, but above all, by people that are passionate about skateboarding and snowboarding. Now everywhere in Quebec, we opened the first Empire store in Sainte-Julie in order transmit this passion to as many people as possible. 


And it worked! With our 11 stores located throughout the province, we didn’t know that Empire was going to become what it is today, but eh… When you’re passionate about what you do, positive things always happen.

Since it's beginning, the company has served hundreds of thousands of customers: snowboarders, skateboarders, amateurs, professionals, men, women and children. In addition, Empire supports many amateur and professional athletes and plays a big role in the local scene.


 With an inventory of more than 150 brands, we are proud to say that we’re considered the largest snowboard and skateboard specialised retailer in Canada.

A bit of history

The opening of the first Empire Ste-Julie shop on August 15th 1999 marked the beginning of a new era in the snowboard and skateboarding industry. It has basically redefined the standards in action sports specialized retail management.

Based on an extensive experience in action sports, the qualified expertise of our associates is the major cause of our success. This allowed us to build an outstanding team, bringing together sellers, professional and amateur skateboarders/snowboarders as well as developping a highly innovative and unconventional marketing.

With the most respectful customer service and energetic public relations, the strong reputation of the Empire team has grown to become what we know today: The best skateboard and snowboard shop in the world!